Wednesday, 10 January 2018

Home Made Shovel!

We have a coal bunker and in it lives a shovel or two.  We keep thinking Uri Geller must sleep in there because every time we come to use them the shovel bends like one of his spoons.  Me thinks its because they are made in somewhere far off like Halifax or even China.  They are tripe!  

So we asked number one son if he would make us a 'proper' shovel?  One that needs someone who would need to eat seven shredded wheat to lift it.    Here is our new shovel sitting proudly on top of our freezer in the hall.

I am starting to sound like Eric Olthwaite from Ripping Yarns and its raining too.  Did you see the brilliant programme about Michael Palin the other night?  I think his character would of been proud of number one son's new shovel.  I think if you want a good shovel.  Make one!  

If you want a laugh.  Go to good old You Tube and type:  Ripping Yarns Season 1 Episode 2.  The Testing Of Eric Olthwaite.  Its about twenty eight minutes long and very very  funny!  

Here's a song for you! I think he's got an holiday home not far from where I live.  

Tuesday, 9 January 2018

Tv Nostalgia.

We had a thoroughly enjoyable nights television viewing last night.  First we watched: One Foot In The Grave (" I don't believe it") then The Last Of The Summer Wine (I love the harmonica theme tune) and Goodnight Sweetheart.  

They are on every week day night on the Drama channel.  I (we) must of watched this time travel sitcom at least three times over.  But I never tire of its cleverness, the jokes, modern day songs and the Blitz spirit that got Britain through the Second World War.  Oh to time travel.  When would you have like to lived?  

I wish it was a soap opera every week and I would love to write some comedy scenes for it.

In the first episode Gary mentions the war time crooner AL Bowley.  He said he got killed by a parachute mine.  

Sure enough I looked him up and the story is true.  Al Bowley was returning from a concert when he was killed by a Lufftwaffe parachute mine outside his flat.  He is buried in a mass Blitz grave in Hanwell Cemetery in London.  

Here's the great man singing the theme tune.

Sunday, 7 January 2018

The Best Of Times?

The week was nothing to write about with two gales one night after each other and this morning we woke up to frost and ice.  

The other day we were in County Limerick and we stopped for pizza in Abbeyfeale at Apache Pizza.  The wife and the lads went in to order pizza and I looked through the car window and saw the facade of an old cinema in Abbeyfeale.  So of course I did Google it and it was built in 1940 with an Art Deco facade.  

The old Abbey Cinema in Abbeyfeale.
Sadly, it closed its doors in the nineteen nineties.  If only its walls could talk, which famous people graced this place?

Then I started thinking what uses this old building could be used for: an indoor flea market, rock music venue, community centre, meeting place, luxury flats or a big home with open space, or even a cinema again?

I wonder how many cinemas, theatres, dance halls.., are there in England, Ireland, Europe and America?  Is there a society for the preservation of old entertainment buildings?

Then my mental juke box began to play in my head.   Neil Peart  famous Rush drummer (I have seen them twice) came up with the phrase and I often use it on this blog.   

I use to own a lazer cut record album with the writing Paradise Theatre and Styx (I think?) cut into the vinyl.  It was around about nineteen eighty.  Back when Rock bands had concept albums.  Paradise Theatre was a massive hit for Styx and its about the old Paradise Theatre in Chicago.  

I have always wanted to see Styx live but I live in hope.  Perhaps they will play a mini tour of Bantry, Durrus and Drimoleague just for me?  I am joking!

Here's a track from my mental jukebox  and I think is apt!  Enjoy.  Oh yeah.  Do you have a mental juke box in your head and certain tracks start playing?

Do you have an old building near you that you think should be preserved?  I say indoor flea markets and Rock clubs everywhere!

Monday, 1 January 2018

I've Seen The Future And Its Not Garlic Bread.

Happy New Year to you all!  Lets hope we get a summer this year and lots of sunshine.  

I went to the new Lidl in Bantry the other evening and picked up one of their leaflets with the latest weekend Super Savers!

They are selling: Biodegradeable Bin Liners.  It makes sense doesn't it eh?  The only way to get rid of plastic pollution is to make it biodegradable or stop making it!    What do you think please?

Here's a reflective song by my favourite Rock band Kansas.  I penned  (typed) a post last year about me flying to Warsaw in 2014 to see them.  I have only ever experienced tears of joy three times in my life: twice when I saw my children born and once when I saw Kansas play, enjoy.  

Saturday, 30 December 2017

Ears Like A Shit House Rat And Other Rodent Tales.

We were watched television (for a change).  I asked the missus to turn up the television volume (how did she get hold of the tv remote control?) and she told me I had selected hearing and was deaf.  I heard myself retort:  

"You have got ears like a shit house rat."  

I suppose that was probably one of my most romantic sentences in twenty one years of marriage.  Its probably years of listening to heavy rock music and playing the stereo at number ten.

This morning I was told Domino had left me a present in the garage.  The penny dropped in yours truly head.  Didn't I leave some bags of barley there?  Open ones at that.  Sure enough I opened the door and found a brown rat with no head on.    So I got my Celtic shovel (they like the long handled ones in Ireland) and picked up Mr or Mrs Country rat and slinged it over the hedge.  

Oh did I tell you about that lad I use to work with who use to tell me that a rat use to visit his garden every night and he use to leave dog food out for it.  He insisted it was the same rat that visited him every night.  I tried to explain that it would not be the same visitor every night but he would not have it.

Do you have any ratty tails (my dad use to sell them to the council for a shilling a tail) or tales?

Friday, 29 December 2017

2017 Highlights.

Its been a very wet year in Ireland and going to Portugal in April and Germany in July were the highlights of my year.

Regular readers will know its our dream to one day soon move to Portugal and buy and rent out an apartment or house and live off the income.  

The other highlight was flying from Kerry to Frankfurt Hahn with an old pal from years a go and jumping in a Joe Baxi (taxi) and getting dropped off in Loreley.  We went to the Loreley Night Of The Prog festival.  We stayed in an hotel and I learned the word Verboten.  I think it mean: "It is forbidden."  Or 'keep off the grass' if you come from dear old Blighty. 

Here's a song by the Chris Thompson Band singing an apt song when I was at Loreley.  Enjoy and have an Happy New Year!

Wednesday, 27 December 2017

Thank Goodness For Netflix And Camel.

That's the view of Hungry Hill this morning from our kitchen door.  The water is Bantry Bay which is actually part of the Atlantic Ocean.  The Hill is called Hungry Hill.  Daphne Du Maurier wrote a book about it and there was also a film made.  Its the highest peak in the Caha mountain range.   Yes I know I have mentioned it before. 

So how was your Christmas?  Ours was exceptionally quiet and we ended up watching Carry on films (just for a change, The Vicar of Dibley (all those Christmas dinners) and number two son did set up his Xbox and we watched three Netflix films:  Bridesmaids, What Happens in Vegas and good old Pee Wee's(my choice) Big Adventure.  

Of course the rain gods descended on Ireland and now Jack Frost is scattering his talc on the distant mountains.  I have been chopping firewood this morning and giving my plants in the poly-tunnel a cold hosepipe shower.  

What else?  We watched United struggle to break down a marvellous Burnley team and it seemed like everybody realizes City are the new Barcelona and they already have one hand on the Premiership title.  

Did I tell you I am going to see English Prog Rock band Camel in the Summer?  Have you ever seen them?  Yesterday they sent me one of their videos via their You Tube channel, that I subscribe too.  Enjoy and I look forward to seeing them in Eastern Europe next June.  Have you any holiday plans yet?  Where you going?  Enjoy again.