Sunday 3 December 2023

Mother's Milk Is Best.

I thought you would like to see again the Berkshire black pig  and her new Bonhams having their milk 🥛 pop.

They were only born on Thursday morning and already their eyes are wide open and they are walking around.

Us humans take months if not years to develop. 

Anyone else keep 🐖 🐖  or 🤔 thinking of getting some?

Saturday 2 December 2023

More New Piglets Arrive.

 This is a  red heat lamp area.  Much different to a red light area.  

6 Berkshire/Duroc 🐷 s born on Thurday morn.

Isn't  Mother Nature incredible?

Tuesday 28 November 2023


Remember the piglets I showed you a while ago?  They are this years piglets.

We moved them into another shed complete with exercise yard and preferred place for ablutions.

I moved them in there while I cleaned out their straw bed/ fym.  That's another few wheelbarrows for the dung 💩 heap.

If you want some for your veg plot  I will bag you some up or bring a car and trailer.

Click on the photos to see how they have grown. Please.

Monday 27 November 2023

A Big Pile Of Fodder Beet.

 2.9 tons of fodder beet to be precise.   It was weighed on a weigh bridge.

My job last Sunday was hand balling them off a very large trailer into the yard or haggard if one uses old farming terms.

This is a food supplement for the pigs 🐖  along with their buckets of ration,

The big pigs devour the fodder beet and need none of it chopped or sliced.  I feed the small pigs small  fodder beets and the  bigger ones I chop with a spade.

Smallholding farming can be expensive but it's good to give your livestock a varied diet.  Especially when we will be eating some of them.  

Anyone buy or grow fodder beet to feed to their pigs or other livestock?  

Saturday 25 November 2023

Autumn Leaves.

 I found this WB Yeats poem about Autumn on good old YouTube.

Yeats grave in Sligo which we stopped off to visit when we went to the Rory Gallagher Rock Festival in June and I finally got to see Michael Schenker and his band play live.  They rocked.  What a 🎸 guitarist.

Thursday 23 November 2023

A Voice Like An Angel.

 Eva Cassidy never found true fame and fortune in her short life.  

Cancer cruelly took her from us in her early thirties. Thirty three to be precise.  Eva would be 60 now.  It's so sad but her music and videos live on.

English based radio presenters like Mike Harding and Terry Wogan kept playing her records and Eva's records topped the record charts in Blighty.

I have a couple of Cds by Eva Cassidy and we play them when we are travelling around Cork and Kerry and wherever where else we go.

It's a beautiful 🎵 song.  I wouldn't mind some of those leaves to make leaf mould.  The veg and plants love it.

Wednesday 22 November 2023

A Strange Film.

 We watched The Disaster Artist the other night.  I think it was on Netflix.

It's based on the Cult film "The Room".

I thought it was very good and just shows you don't need to be good to be successful.  It's like when you see a band that plays that bad they actually seem good.

Two aspiring actors want to go to Hollywood and audition for parts and one of them gets turned down most of the time.

They visit the crash where James Dean died and they decide to go to LA and eventually make a film themselves.  They direct it and star in it.

There's mystery who the strange sounding director and actor comes from and where he gets his money to fund the 🎥 film?

I won't spoil the plot for you.  But it's certainly worth watching.

Wouldn't it be great to make your own films?

Mother's Milk Is Best.

I thought you would like to see again the Berkshire black pig  and her new Bonhams having their milk 🥛 pop. They were only born on Thursday...