Sunday, 3 July 2022

Two Oriental Stone (ish)Vases From The Charity Shop.

 I found two Oriental vases for sale in a charity shop the other day.  I think they are made of real concrete or reconstituted stone.  A modern term for things made out of cement and stone. Well I hadn't bought anything for two weeks.

Any road or any way.  I like them and they will live with my other Japanese and Chinese charity shop/carboot sales find.  I paid two Euros for them.  

We are on the look out for some artificial flowers to place in the vases.  It would be good if I could find some Chrysanthemums. They are the official flower of Japan.

More carboot treasure in another post.

Friday, 1 July 2022

A Happy To Chat Bench,

 We spotted this sign on a bench in Kenmare in County Kerry and it made us smile.

Apparently a chat is informal conversation.  I am know to like chats myself and I have said on here before that if a scarecrow greeted me I would have a conversation with it or even have a chat.

The sign says: The Happy To Chat Bench.  Sit here if you don't mind someone stopping to say hello.

To me that is what I like about blogging.  You have comments and replays and  replys even and engage with people from everywhere.  

Wednesday, 29 June 2022

Look How The Chicks Grew!

 Remember the newly hatched chicks on top of the vivarium next to the snakes and we made a run and they have become big and two legged lawnmowers.  They are also feeding the grass in the process.

We don't know whether to keep the hens for eggs or even to fatten them a bit more and eat them.

We are also thinking of getting some broiler hen and some Turkey chicks.  I don't fancy killing them but I suppose I could pay the butcher to do it for us  in the same way we send other livestock to them?

Anyone else thinking of fattening some birds?  Could you kill them and eat them?  

Monday, 27 June 2022

The Golden Retriever And The New Kitten.


No not a new new name for a posh pub like The Slug and Lettuce.   Or even  the Bird and Baby (Eagle and Child). I am reading a book about The Inklings at the moment.  

Here's a new arrival to the smallholding  this week.  She's adorable and Rosie the Golden Retriever thinks it's her baby.  

That mean we will now have 3 cats and a kitten.  We will pay to get her injected and neutered like the other ones and that should keep any rodents at bay.  

When my dad was a lad growing up in rural Ireland would trap rats and take their tails to the council office and the officials would count their tales  or even tails😊 and give him a couple of bob  for his rat killing work

Ours get tins of cat food, milk and delicious treats.  

Aren't they beautiful?

Sunday, 26 June 2022

Yet Another New Potatoes Treasure Post.

 We dug all the Charlotte new potatoes yesterday from the second hand potato growing  bags that we bought at a carboot a few months ago.  Once again it shows that you do not need to have a garden or veg plot to grow vegetables.

The Hellmann's Mayonnaise bucket is three quarters full.   

The colander runneth over after the potatoes were given a bath and a scrub.  

I read today that you can freeze new potatoes if you get a glut.  Have you ever frozen new spudatoes?  

Charlotte is a delicious new potato and it's good to have your own homegrown and chemical free new potatoes.

Saturday, 25 June 2022

Take A Look At My Plant Plugs Now.

 Do you remember when I posted a blog about me purchasing 20 plant plugs from B &Q in Cork for 4 Euros? 

I potted them up individually in very good potting compost.  I have finally realised that cheap compost contains little or nutrients.  So I bought two and get one free bags of Shamrock potting compost.

They have lived in my polytunnel and I have potted them on twice and regularly watered them.

It's certainly not 'flaming' June down here on the Irish Riviera and I think we could all soon have webbed feet.  

Any road today I have decided to let my cheap plants enjoy the showers and experience outside life in the countryside next to the sea:

They turned out well in fairness and if I over winter them in 'Portugal' my beloved polytunnel they will live for years.  I could even make some cuttings in September. Hmmmmm 🤔.

Wednesday, 22 June 2022

Remember The Potatoes We Planted In Growing Bags In The Polytunnel?

Here is the contents of the first bag:

We are going to eat them with a piece of roast Aberdeen Angus and carrots.  Washed down with a big jug of homemade Sangria.

Have you harvested your new potatoes yet?  

I have neglected (not really had time) my veg plot this year.  Next year will hopefully be different.  At least we have grown some veg.

Two Oriental Stone (ish)Vases From The Charity Shop.

 I found two Oriental vases for sale in a charity shop the other day.  I think they are made of real concrete or reconstituted stone.  A mod...