Sunday, 15 January 2017

Snow Over The Bay.

Hi everybody.  This is a photograph of Bantry Bay taken on Friday morning.  There was a talcum powder like covering of the Caha mountain range over on Beara.  Which is the peninsula across from us.  We live on Sheeps Head.  

The mountain is Hungry hill which I have shown you before.  It reminded me of that great Neil Young song: Sugar Mountain.  Sugar Loaf mountain is also on Beara.  But Hungry Hill looked more spectacular.  Hope you are all well and I will catch up with your blogs this week.  Not been in a blogging mood.  H

Here is another song that's always playing on my mental juke box.  Neil Peart (Rush lyricist and drummer) coined the phrase in his wonderful motorbike travel memoir: Ghost Rider.  

Tuesday, 3 January 2017

Digging With Jack Frost.

Old Jack Frost had been painting the garden last night.  I decided to do a bit more winter digging with my four prong pike on the veg plot.  It's good to get back on the land.  Although frost is always a sure sign it will be followed with rain.  I hope to strim the lawns tomorrow.  They have grown very long and would choke the lawn-mower even on its highest cut setting.

 Before with weeds on top of the soil.  Notice my old paint tub for a weeding bucket.

After.  The soil is ready for another visit by Jack frost tonight.  The positive news is the nasties get killed off and the birds can search for them for food.  The negative side: my knees and my back ache.  I have decided to treat my self to a Buplex tablet and a glass of Chardonnay wine.  Shame I can't afford to employ a "little man or woman from the village" to dig over  my  veg plot.  

I remember years a go I use to read postcard notices in shop windows on posh housing estates in Lancashire and Cheshire saying : "Wanted active pensioner gardener for a few hours work for a bit of beer money. " I feel old now and I am only in my early fifties. Do you like digging?

Sunday, 1 January 2017

New Years Eve At Castlegregory Beach.

Happy New Year.  We went shopping in Kerry (Iceland and Argos) and went for a drive to Castlegregory.  It looked so different to when I walked the same beach back in August.  We stopped at the car-park and did our usual staring at the bay.  The clouds and sky looked lead in colour and very emotional.

My mental jukebox started playing in my head.  A song from one of my favourite Barclay James Harvest albums: The Turn Of The Tide.   Hope you enjoy it.

Hope 2017 is a great year for you and all your dreams are fulfilled.

Wednesday, 28 December 2016

Carry On Christmas.

Image result for carry on cowboyHave you recovered?  We spent Christmas day afternoon watching Carry On Camping and Carry On Cowboy on ITV3or what is 4?  Our two sons had never seen them before and they laughed.  It was predictable, joke led and full of double entendre's  and good old laughter.  It was sheer escapism and a great way to pass Christmas day.

We watched the Carry On Up Th Sexual Harassment Tribunal sketch on the Walliams  & Friends last week.  It's a parody of the Carry On films and brings them right up today.  The wonderful Sheridan Smith appears in the sketch.  I think it's very clever and very funny.  You can watch it on good old You Tube.  It sends up todays political correctness and it's well worth watching.   2016 wasn't the best of years and we all need a laugh.

Thursday, 22 December 2016

What If The Star Of Bethlehem Was A Space Ship?

I heard some good news this week.  Kansas are playing Europe and in England next summer ("Ramblin Man" Festival) and Chris De Burgh is playing Killarney in April.  Guess who is going to be buying some tickets in the New Year?

Seeing it's nearly Christmas.  I thought I would feature one of Chris De Burgh's songs: "A Space Man Came Travelling."  He read the book Chariots of the Gods?  Erich Von Daiken wrote it.  It inspired  Chris to think "what if the star of Bethlehem was a space ship?"  Could you imagine what the shepherds thought when they saw the UFO in the Sky.  They would react like we did a few months/blogs ago when we saw the light in the bay.  See August posts if you're interested?
Chris De Burgh also read "The Second Coming" by  William Butler Yeats.  Which avers that every two thousand years a major cataclysmic event happens, like the birth of Jesus in a stable in Bethlehem.  I love the last verse.  We are all waiting for his return.  

Merry Christmas and peace on Earth. 

Tuesday, 20 December 2016

Outside Of A West Cork Wedding Reception.

We took this photograph outside the West Lodge Hotel in Bantry on Saturday.

It seems to be the latest craze to dress up tyres or big round bales straw for the bride and groom.  You can't tell we live in a farming area can you?  What's the latest wedding craze near you?

Saturday, 17 December 2016

A Full Irish Or An English Breakfast.

We made ourselves an 'all day' breakfast the other day.   We cooked it in the range.  It didn't curl up and wither like it does in a frying pan.

Ours is a combination of an English and Irish breakfast.  This breakfast is said to have originated on farms and in houses where the inhabitants did physical work.

A Full Irish consists of: "The Rashers" (bacon), Irish sausages, Black and white pudding, baked beans ("bachelors")eggs, mushrooms, tomatoes (halved) potato farls/cakes or traditional boxty, soda bread, butter jam, Barrys or Lyons tea, orange juice...

I found this video about what Americans think of the "Full" English breakfast.  Please let me know your thoughts.