Monday, 29 October 2012

Smallholding Cajun Pot Roast .

Here's a recipe we have ate more times than we have had hot dinners.  Sirloin is on offer today (Bank Holiday Monday, Ireland) so we thought we would make the following.



This is a recipe from Louisiana in North America.  The place that's full of swamps, Alligators, great food and great music.

What You Do And What You Need:

One an a half tsp of salt.  1 tsp of mustard.  Tsp of Paprika.  Half a tsp of Thyme.  Half a ground RED pepper or Capsicum if you're posh.  Half a tsp of black pepper.

Get a joint of topside beef or Sirloin if it's on offer!  One tbsp of vegetable oil.  Two onions cut into wedges. Two Celery stalks.  One GREEN pepper.  One tin of tomatoes.  One bay leaf.  One garlic clove - chopped.

Mix everything together into a paste (except the veg) and rub two and half tsp's of it over the meat in a casserole dish.  Brown the meat - add the onions, pepper, toms... Cover it with a. lid and put it in the oven and cook it for a few hours until it's really tender.

About four hours cooking time in total.

Hope you enjoy it and let me know if you like it.  That's  a Creedence Clearwater Revival, song: Bad Moon Rising, to play along with your meal.  You probably know it from the soundtrack of that fantastic British film:  American Werewolf In London.  Must do a blog post about it some time!   Don't forget to wash it down with some home brew.

See you later in the week.


  1. Looks incredible, Dave, but four hours may be quite some time to wait, especially if your stomach is rumbling.

  2. Looks impressive, I'll watch out for a joint of beef on offer, I think it would do well in the slow cooker, served with potatoes and carrots.
    I remember American Werewolf in London, can't remember the music though.

    Just sampling the Norfolk Wherry, but my gas bottle's run out, so it's a bit flattish, OK though, pulled into a jug and poured from a height to get some froth.

    Cold here today, and showers, not much wind, just about average for October. Good news is the boiler's fixed, so we've got hot water back, didn't realise how much you miss it till it's not there.
    Raggy cat in front of fire again, it's been treated to the crackling from the pork joint today.

  3. Yes Pat, it takes time. It's worth it though because the meat is so tender and the juices have all made an incredible flavour and it's worth having a go.


  4. Hi Cumbrian. I bet you could make it with pork or a cheaper joint because it needs time to cook.

    Glad to hear the boiler is fixed. Like you say you only miss it when its not there.

    Nice and still tonight. I'm worried for those people in America who have to endure hurricane Sandy.


  5. Admire your patience, Dave, I would've got tucked into that well before the 4-hour mark.

  6. Hi Pat,

    The kitchen range usually gets lit around eleven in the morning, because we use it to cook, for hot water and to heat 3 radiators. So we use it to cook the main meal at the same time. There is a lot to be said for cooking food very very slowly.



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