Sunday, 11 August 2013

"Isn't She Lovely?" A New Tractor Pal Arrives On The Smallholding.

A new tractor arrived on our smallholding the other day.  Her livery looks a bit rough because she's had some of it took away too be sandblasted, sprayed and a brand new 'roll bar' is on order.  If you want to see what a Fordson Super Dexta looks like in all its glory.  Type Fordson Super Dexta into Google Images.

Our old girl (made in Dagenham in 1963) is mechanically sound.  She sounds like a plane from the 'Battle of Britain'.  She absolutely purrs!  I am told she can go forty miles an hour.  Will post more pictures of her restoration very soon.

Talking of restorations.  There's a promising looking programme on BBC Two tonight.  It's on at 9.00:  The Hairy Bikers: Restoration Road Trip.  Tonight Dave and Si visit Pleasley Colliery in Derbyshire.  They help restore the mine.  Sounds good.

Have you or are you restoring a smallholding machine please tell us all about it!



  1. Oh crikey I can remember when they first came out! They looked enormous next to the grey Fergie.

  2. And the shed is a thing of beauty too.

  3. Doesn't look too bad, has that front panel been repaired with fibreglass at some time?
    Seat looks quite shiney, just a smattering of rust at the edges, is it original? With a nice cushion to prevent the piles when sitting on it on frosty mornings, we used to have a sack folded up.
    A worthwhile project, it's going to look good finished, surprised at the vintage, I thought it was older, but 50 years and counting isn't bad.
    No registration plate?

    Weather's back to normal; grey, breezy and showers with temperature a bit cooler.

    Raggy cat has developed the habit of sleeping on my desk, interspersed with occasional visits to the milk and biccie bowls.

  4. Hi John, I have believe that farmers loved the Fergie and the Fordson tractors.

    We call the corrugated building 'the barn'. I really like shanty style farm buildings and allotment sheds. Corrugated iron is wonderful.

    Thanks for your comments.

  5. Yes Cumbrian, the front nose cone is full of filler. The man who sold me the Fordson gave me a much better nose cone. That's gone away too be sand blasted and given a coat of primer.

    No there is no registration plate. We will use for log splitting mainly.

    I wish there was a tractor television programme on the television. Every week they could feature a classic tractor and talk too it's owner. I'd watch it any day.

    A lot cooler here today. We light the stove every day now. Looks like the tractor log-splitter will be kept busy.


  6. Yes, I think the idea of a series on TV showing stages in the renovation of tractors and other vintage machinery would be very popular.
    I loved watching Guy Martin and his adventures restoring Victorian machinery and industrial equipment; and Fred Dibhah with his steam engines. Both Lancashire lads I think, with a respect for our engineering traditions and British workmanship that led the world in those times. And the traditional farm series showing the old-fashioned methods and implements.

    Cloudy, breezy and definitely feeling colder here, fire's not on yet though.

  7. I think smallholding and allotment and rural craft programmes would be very popular. Interviews with old farmers and people who have worked on the old steam trains and threshing machines. Maybe a visit to an allotment or a smallholding through the seasons.

    Overcast here. Farmers busy going for their second and third cut silage.



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