Friday, 11 October 2013

Log Splitting Time On The Smallholding.

I spent last Saturday afternoon splitting logs with my son's home made tractor log splitter.  It's powered by my beloved Ford 3000 tractor.  Number one son made it with no plans.  A clever lad.  It's a shame there are no apprenticeships  for all these clever lads and lasses.  Ireland and England (UK even) need to start manufacturing instead of importing everything.

The log splitter saves the back breaking work normally done by ME and the axe.  Rather like the man who claimed he owned his grandfather's axe:

"It's had seven new handles and seven new heads.

But it's still my grandad's axe."

The old one's are the best aren't they?

Have you invented a useful piece of smallholding equipment?


  1. How clever, no doubt he will go on to make other great things in the future. Old ones are the best I agree too.

  2. Thanks for your comment Bedford Gypsy. He's always making things. Totally practical and isn't interested in anything academic. He's also tractor mad.


  3. Useful device, saves a lot of blisters (and swearing when they don't want to split)) swinging the splitting axe.

    Last time I saw one (also home-made and tractor-driven) it had a fixed plate and moving blade.

  4. Hi Cumbrian, it is a very useful device. I have seen quite a few vertical log splitters for sale. It's a lot easier than using the axe. Nice weather here but getting colder every day. We light the range earlier every day. Thanks!

  5. I did once make an apple picker. My grandsons weren't too happy, as it started life as a butterfly net.

  6. Your apple picker sounds a great idea Cro. It's amazing how many inventions have been made on smallholdings and in humble garden sheds.

    Thanks for your comment!


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