Tuesday, 5 August 2014

No Need For A Balaclava When I Went To Visit Bratislava. Trip To Poland, Czech Republic, Vienna and Slovakia Part 4.

Hey I'm a poet and I know it!  We paid fourteen Euro each return for the one hour train ticket from Vienna to Bratislava.  To those of you who didn't do metal work at school.  It's in Slovakia.  The ticket is valid for 4 days and you can use it on any of the public transport.

The one hour train journey passed over the Danube and through many fertile fields full of abundant crops for humans and livestock.  I noticed quite a few windmills, artesian well type pumping stations for irrigation and fields (about an acre) of solar panels.  I was quite quite excited looking forward to visiting a former communist country.  Here's some photographs for you:

I captured this picture of a Storks nest.  It looks like it's a bar.  perhaps they should call it 'The Storks' rest'?

A rather blurred Welcome To Slovakia sign at the railway station.  Nobody asked for our passports.

A wonderful statue display in a park in Bratislava.

The same park.  I liked the way the gardeners wore similar uniforms complete with hats.  

The Presidents Palace.    Notice the guards in traditional costumes?

The unbelievably cheap prices in Bratislava.  We went in this bar and ordered two drinks.  One was Dunkles and the other a lager that reminded me of  snake bite.  The drinks cost a Euro each and my friend bought a cake for fifty cents. 

Noticed a few of these posters.  The striptease starts at 8 until 5 in the morning.  Noticed a few English stag parties and groups of lads drinking outside the bars.  Wouldn't like to have been about when they were all drunk.  Don't think the Slovakian police would have any messing though.

Noticed this gardener cutting the verges with a scythe and gathering it up by hand.  I think health and safety wouldn't have liked his foot wear?  

One of the cafe bars advertising it's food.
I thought Bratislava was a very historical place with lots of Hungarian inspired architecture.  The beer prices are incredibly cheap and the natives welcome you.  It was great to go in a Slovakian bar and watch the natives playing chess, having a drink and not really taking any notice that you are there.  I think I like Bratislava!  A Euro for a pint and some of it is 14 percent!  How do they make any money?  They seem happy though.  Next time it's Vienna Zoo pictures.    


  1. Bit like stepping back in time?

    Looks like they're trying to attract the "boozy brits" brigade, if they succeed they'll regret it!

  2. Yes Cumbrian it was like stepping back in time. The buildings and streets reminded me of a black and white Col-ditz/second world war based film. A Euro a pint is equivalent to 79 pence for a chemical free real ale. I would imagine 10 Euros would be enough for a very good night. Some of the beer is 14 % strength. I found the natives to be really friendly and welcoming. Don't think their Polizia would put up with much trouble and they could easily show the "boozy Brits" who is in charge. Think if you visited Bratislava in the middle of the week you would miss any lager louts or trouble causers. There is some very fine Hungarian influenced architecture (especially the castle) and it's incredibly inexpensive.

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