Thursday, 18 September 2014

Does Democracy Only Work One Way? Another One Of My Favourite Peace Songs. "We don't need no uniforms, we'll have no disguise, Divided we stand, together we'll rise".

Every time I turn on the news it's nothing but Scottish independence.  It's starting to annoy me, a bit like when the Christmas songs start playing in the shops and on the old John Logie Baird Machine - television.  He was  a Scottish inventor, wasn't he?  The thing what really annoys me is why do English people and ex pats like myself not get a say and a vote on whether we want independence from Scotland?

Any road.  An old Marillion song started playing in my head when I was thinking about this.  I remember Fish (the lead singer) telling the people with county and international banners and flags to take them down at that great  Milton Keynes Bowl ("I was there") 'Garden Party' rock festival on Saturday June 28th (I looked it up) 1986 while Marillion sung 'White Feather'.  It's a song about pacifism and peace.  But I think it's lyrics are so appropriate for today.  Enjoy the video.
The Milton Keynes concert was excellent.  I think the ticket cost 12 Pounds?  The line up was Mamas Boys, Magnum, Jethro Tull and Gary Moore (r.i.p) and his band.  It was a glorious summers day and it was a great concert.  I have been very lucky to see some great classic rock bands in my time.  My favourites being: Blue Oyster Cult, Rush, Marillion, Thin Lizzy, The Scorpions, Emerson Lake and Palmer and this year was my ultimate concert: Kansas in Warsaw.  Some people talk about Woodstock and Led Zeppelin at Knebworth being their favourite outdoor rock festival.   For me it was Milton Keynes 1986.  What was your favourite concert?


  1. When I left the UK to come and live over here the Brit Gov'm't asked me why I was leaving and I told them it was for 'A better life style'; I believed that then & I still know it to be true.

    Ireland had to fight like hell to get it's Independence & still has 6 counties under Brit dominance.

    Scotland is voting today for it's Independence which is lot more civilised that having to shed blood and lose lives.

  2. Thanks for your comment Heron. I don't understand why you need a referendum when people have put a government in place to make decisions in the first place. Why can't people in other parts of Britain have a vote? What really worries me is that if Scotland does vote for independence. It will mean 40 less Labour members of Parliament. So you will only get Conservative/UKIP governments. Also where will England base Trident? Can't see it being based on the Thames can you?

  3. When the Welsh have their vote for Independence or the Cornish for that matter, then just as it is in Scotland it will be a residents only vote because it is a decision for Scots and the residents who live there and of no actual/ direct concern of anyone else.

    Perhaps you need to integrate yourself into Ireland and forget about UK politics, which is actually is of no concern to either of us - we are resident in Ireland this our home.

  4. Ireland and the UK mean a lot to me, Heron. I like Ireland because social class isn't important and it doesn't have nuclear power or nuclear weapons. It's also seventy percent agricultural. Unfortunately it's geographical location means that it doesn't have much manufacturing and this means its got a very small population. I wish there was a tunnel to England and I could get to see some great classic rock bands. There isn't much of a rock scene in rural Ireland. What was your most memorable concert Heron?

  5. I hear what your saying Dave.... and we ain't going to agree on everything.
    The last major (was mixed) concert, I went to was at Lissard in the mid to late 90's if memory serves me right among some of artists were: Glen Hansard and The Frames, Nick Cave and The Bad Seeds and also there was Mary Coughlan with her backing group. I had the opportunity of drinking in the 'green room' during my time there so got to meet a lot of the musicians and singers. I had a great old chats with Mary and enjoyed being in her company.

  6. I really don't understand what the Scottish Independence is supposed to achieve or how exactly they hope to achieve it.

    Re-build Hadrians Wall?

    A return of the Border Reivers?

    Their own currency, passports (will we the English need one to visit Scotland?), taxation system, armed forces, etc, etc?

    Duty-free whisky? (A nice little earner boot-legging across the Solway Firth)

    We'll know tomorrow, then we'll no doubt be inundated by lots of analysing and discussion over the result.

  7. Hi Heron. I like Glen Hansard. Have you seen that brilliant Irish film 'Once', starring Glen? He plays a Dublin busker who meets a Czech girl.

    Don't see many rock bands or famous musicians these days. Seen Eric Bell (ex Thin Lizzy) a couple of times, Sharon Shannon (excellent) and we saw Sandi Thom in Killarney this year. Most rock band seem to only play Dublin. Thinking of seeing Clannad (seen them 3 times) in Cork, but it will mean an overnight stay in an hotel and this makes it expensive. I have rad and heard people talk about the legendary Rory Gallagher concert in Macroom, here in West Cork. My favourite Irish band is Thin Lizzy. I loved the way Phil Lynott and the lads blended old Irish tales with heavy rock music. The song Black Rose is a classic. thanks!

  8. Hi Cumbrian. Well the Scottish people spoke and they said: "No." Will the other home counties want a referendum now? How much is it and will it cost?

    Your comment made think of that wonderful Ealing comedy: 'Passport To Pimlico'. I love the old Ealing comedies. Thanks!

  9. I couldn't start to calculate how much this cost, but I know it'll be the UK tax-payer that picks up the tab.

  10. Just looked up the cost and its 13 Million Pounds. I bet Berwick (English football club playing in Scotland) are relieved that they don't need to play the likes of Plymouth or Exeter now? Saying that Carlisle and the Devon clubs have similar journeys.
    Nice at moment. Rain forecast for later. Nights really drawing in now. Wish we had lights in the country lanes. Thanks!

  11. Anglophilia is now a recognised disease.

  12. I do miss some English things Heron, like real ale, brass bands, watching a football ("soccer") or a cricket match, public transport and even a classic rock concert or ten.


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