Tuesday 25 July 2017

A Day Out To The Aran Isles.

We went to Inishmor the other week for the day.  This was an early start because the ferry leaves for the Aran Isles at ten sharp.  We paid our thirty Euros (each!) for the hour and a quarter sail to the largest island in the Aran Isles.  Also the wife wanted to know what the Aran knitting patterns mean.  Like you do!

The sail was a bit choppy in places and we were freezing when we arrived at the pier.  After being asked by countless mini cab drivers if we wanted to pay fifteen Euros to go on the tour of the island.  We found a Spar and queued up for coffee and breakfast rolls.  

My wife being like most women.  Soon found herself engaged in a conversation with an American lady.  It went something like the following:

American Lady:

What's that you are ordering?


A breakfast roll.

American Lady:

Whats in a breakfast roll?

The wife then explained the contents of the breakfast roll..  


A fed up donkey who didn't want to talk to me.  Perhaps he only spoke donkey Gaelic?
Some very brave tourists peering over the edge of the 300 foot cliffs.  I didn't look down!  

I did have a conversation with one of people who supervised the visitors.  I said there should be a fence put up.  He said:

"A few people have said the same".

There is no health and safety in Ireland.  Or very little.  It is a beautiful place to visit though.


  1. Hello Dave. I for one am glad you're not growing wine on a windburned hilltop overlooking the Atlantic. After all, it's the same sea where you are. Just looks a bit different with no sun on it. And also I'm glad that you haven't ditched your blog tempted by the ubiquitous 50,000+ facebook friends.

  2. Hello Gwil. We still want to end up in Portugal some time. Perhaps we should rent somewhere over there out of season and see if we like it before selling up.

    I needed a break from the blog but I am glad I am back. Thanks for your comment Gwil.

  3. I wouldn't dare lay on that cliff top like those people; what happens when you edge back to stand up would frighten me. Sounds like a good day out. I think you've had strange conversations with Americans before about food haven't you? When I went to the States many years ago the first question I was asked was always about Ireland. It was assumed I had been. (I haven't).

  4. Me neither Rachel. We paid 5 Euros each to walk through the Dun Aonghasa visitor centre. Then we walked up a very stony road to the Dun Aonghasa Prehistoric Ringfort. They recommend that you wear strong shoes and state there is no fence on the cliffs. I can fly 38000 feet in a plane and look out the window no problem. But to stand on top a 100 metre windy clifftop is another story. I won't be going there again. I think I saw the fort on the BBC television series Coast last year?

    Yes we heard the American lady in a Dingle chipshop asking for fresh fish.

    The West Coast of Ireland gets lots of visitors to Shannon airport from the states but we don't get many down here in Cork these days. You should visit Ireland you would like it. Thanks!

    1. Fek Dave ! Doesn't Cork have enough alkies already without you inviting another one - ha'h I suppose Cork will cope as usual.

  5. And why would we be needin' a fence there?

    Who would we be trying to keep out?

    Nobody's gonna climb those cliffs.

  6. The mind boggles Cumbrian. How do they get public liability insurance on three hundred foot cliffs with no safety rails?

  7. We play a tune called 'Inishmore', which is one of our favourites, and now I shall enjoy playing it even more after reading your blog and seeing the photos.

  8. Hi Vera. Its always nice to putting a picture to a place or tune. Hope you are well and enjoying life on your farm. Thanks!

  9. i really likes your blog and You have shared the whole concept really well. and Very beautifully soulful read! thanks for sharing.


  10. The island of Inis Mor. ... the essence of Aran and the everyday struggles of Islanders to etch out a living in a harsh environment battling with the elements.


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