Tuesday, 30 October 2018

I Saw Lots Of Rock Influences At An Aslan Concert.

The good wife and myself went to Bantry on Sunday night to see Aslan in concert at the Maritime Hotel.  I have seen some famous Irish bands live like: Thin Lizzy, U2 , Chris De Burgh, Clannad, The Hot House Flowers, to name but a few.

The audience was made up of mixed ages and everybody seemed to have a great time.  The lead singer reminded me of Oasis, John Lennon, Roger Waters, David Bowie, Peter Gabriel, Wayne Hussey.?  His hand gesticulations were amazing and I can't believe that this band never became bigger than they did.  

You can't beat live music can you?  Here's one of their most famous hits.  


  1. Probably go to a modern music tomorrow. Highlight is Harrison Birtwistle's 'Panic' which was been dubbed classical 'punk rock' by the press when it was first performed at the Promenade Concerts and almost caused a panic (about 1995 I think it was).

  2. I just gave it a listen on YT Gwil. Classical punk rock is a good description. It also sounded like jazz and even Frank Zappa. I love brass band music along with folk and different genres of rock music. Thanks!

  3. Sounds like a great time out!!!!!!


  4. It was a super night wisp. People danced and sang and it was a memorable gig by an hard working and very talented band. Thanks!

  5. I agree about your voice likenesses, very Oasis and Lennon, and like you, I can't think why they were not more famous. Wish I could have seen them. Thanks.

  6. Aslan should have been famous in Britain too Rachel. They are one of Liam Gallaghers favourite bands. I would say them and the Beatles were their inspiration. Aslan did some great covers too: Angie, Crazy, The Green fields of France, Wish You Were Here and Rebel, Rebel. They are playing London in November and the Marquee in Cork next summer. You heard it here first. Have a listen to their songs on Y T. Thanks Rachel.

  7. Nice sounding band, although had never heard of them, but then I seem to have missed most bands........it was you who introduced me to Styx, who have become my favourite band to listen to on YT. Will have a listen to more of this band as well.

    Recently Lester and I went to hear a local Irish/French band play. We lasted all of an hour and then we had to leave. The trouble is that since we play music our listening ear is finely tuned and we hear all the errors in the music. I am the same with reading a book....since I became a writer (a dormant one at the moment though!) I am aware of the way in which an author has scripted their writing, which stops me from enjoying the book.

    But I am glad you had a good time. Music is good for the soul in whichever way you connect with it!

  8. Hi Vera. Aslan are well worth giving a listen and their music is very varied plus they do a few covers. I like bands that play their hits almost immediately and play their new stuff in between the more famous tracks.

    I am glad you like Styx. They are one band that I would to see play live. I waited over thirty years to see Kansas and that was in Poland and they didn't disappoint either.

    You can't beat seeing a live band. Especially a band that look like they are enjoying the gig too. Aslan was a great concert on Sunday night in Bantry. Thanks!

  9. Gone are the days when I went to see a decent band. Actually, I haven't heard of Aslan but I like them. Do Amazon sell records/tapes?

  10. Hi Valerie. I don't get to see a lot of bands these days either. The last concert I went to was Doolin Folk Festival in June.

    I think Amazon sell vinyl and CD's. Aslan have their own web site and shop at Aslan ie I am glad you like them. Thanks!



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