Thursday, 16 May 2019

Tight Wad Gardening. New Additions To The Plant Nursery.

We purchased seven perennials at the rare plant show at Glin castle on Sunday.  I bought one individually and six for twenty five Euros.  Instead of paying 6 Euros each.  Which converts this morning to five Pounds and twenty four Pence.   Flipping heck!

I took them into 'Portugal' my poly-tunnel 
 and the operation commenced.  Remember the gardeners mathematical equation? The only way to multiply is to divide!  

I ended up with thirty seven new potted plants for my nursery.  Yes they will take a bit to grow back to the same size before division but Oak trees once were acorns.  


  1. So in the end you will have made quite a bit in money terms. Yes?

  2. I don't know about making much money Valerie. But if they survive I will have some good nursery stock. I will also plant some of them in the borders here.


  3. you are smart, yes, to multiply by dividing...
    Hope, all of your plants are growing well..

    # I follow you, I'll greatly appreciate if you follow me too

  4. Hi Tanza. Yes I love perennials and cottage gardens in particular. Thank you for your comment and for following my blog.

  5. I divided holly hocks I bought the other day but only managed in to 2's

  6. Good on you Sol. Divide them again in September. The new plants are all potted up in pots and resting under a Fuchsia hedge. I have missed your posts. Thanks.

  7. This time next year, you could be overrun!

  8. We're overrun now Joanne. Over half the veg plot is full of potted perennials. Thanks.


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