Tuesday, 10 September 2019

"I Thought You Were Laughing At Me?" " I Was".

When I went to A New Day music festival in August.  I was walking down  the sloping natural arena of a field towards the beer tent and a middle aged lady started laughing at me.  I just shrugged my shoulders and carried on to the beer tent.  I purchased a pint of ditch water, I mean bitter. Four quid for a pint of cat wee.  An hour earlier I had been purchasing pints of bitter in Wetherspoon's for just two Pounds a throw

Any way.

The lady had only followed me into the beer tent and smiled and  I said to her:

"I thought you were laughing at me?"

She laughed and said:

"I was."

We both laughed.

Then she told me she was looking at my t shirt.  It was my Night Of The Prog festival T shirt from 2017.  Which was in Loreley in Germany.  Her son was in one of the bands listed on the back of my shirt.

She was Norwegian.  So I said: Ole Gunnar Solskjaer.

We laughed again.

A Norman Wisdom song began to play in my mental jukebox:


  1. That's a nice story Dave. I am glad she followed you and then smiled and then you were friends. I like that sort of thing. I am sorry I haven't listened to Norman Wisdom as I don't want it in my head all evening and I am not much of a Norman Wisdom fan! England v Kosovo tonight. I am looking forward to it.

  2. Thanks Rachel. Yes she was a lovely person with a wonderful sense of humour.

    England seem to do really well qualifying for major tournaments these days. Sterling is world class. Liverpool must rue the day they sold him to City. Kompany is having his tesimonial tomorrow and the proceeds of the match is going to a Manchester homeless charity. Fair play to the fans and players for helping the homeless. Thanks.

    1. Kompany, and the Belgium team of recent years, rate as some of my all time greats. Fancy Kompany giving the money to Manchester homeless charity, that is a really nice gesture.
      Sterling has matured into a great player.

  3. He reminded me of a Vidic or Bryan Robson character. Somebody who would give everything. Belgium produce world class players. Think the testimonial is on Sky Sports tomorrow night.

  4. You’ve got a very eclectic mental jukebox Dave!

  5. Yep. Like the contents of my house Philip. Hope you're well and the smallholding stock are too. Thanks for your comment.

  6. I'm very sorry Dave but Norman Wisdom has never been on my list of things to do. Now if you'd have said Ken Dodd . . .

  7. Evening Gwil. George Formby, Will Haye, Arthur Askey, Norman Wisdom.. All comic greats. Love them all. Stan Boardman, Billy Pearce, Bobby Davro, Ken Goodwin, The Grumbleweeds in modern times. I liked Ken Dodd too. I wonder how tickled he would be about Brexit?

    1. I don't know why but I now recall seeing Fred Trueman when he turned comedian on retiring from cricket.

      They should've given us our money back, he was that bad.

      I'm pretty sure I saw Stan Boardman give a good show somewhere up north. I definitely saw Ken Dodd. We thought he was going to go on all night. They couldn't get him off the stage. I think he knew as many good jokes as yourself. That was at Batley.

      My favourite was Les Dawson.

    2. I have read a few of Les Dawson books. He was a very accomplished pianist, amazing wordsmith and poseessed that amazing northern gift od self deprecating and sardonic humour. My favourite comic author was the late and great Peter Tinniswood. I Didn't Know You Cared was amazing and his character Uncle Mort was comic genius. I saw the Grumbleweeds at Scarborough and Blackpool a few times and miss them so much. Thanks!

  8. I liked Norman Wisdom as well as all the others you mentioned. Please... do not mention Brexit, the whole affair is like a bad dream, and I don't much care for any of those who pretend to be clever. As for Boris, well I have a good plot in mind for him!

  9. Hi Valerie. Yes Norman Wisdom was adorable and his life was a true rags to riches story. Thanks for commenting.


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