Monday, 2 December 2019

Three Days After The Hiroshima Bomb The Trams Were Up And Running Again.

We watched the brilliant Guy Martin in Japan again on Sunday evening.  He reminds me of my eldest son.  He can turn his hand to anything.  Be it operating a lathe, welding, driving a machine or even forging a sword!

Guy also has the wonderful northern English gift of self depreciating humour and he calls everyone "me duck!", especially when he's purchased something.

In one part of the programme he visited Hiroshima.  We found it very sad and unbelievable what happened there.  Over 60000 people died instantly! Some civilian victims were literally vaporized.  Please God please ensure it will never happen again anywhere in the world.

I watched the election debate an hour earlier and was enormously impressed with the SNP leaders stance on nuclear weapons and how she would never press the button because she couldn't  kill millions of people.  You're right Nicola nobody could do that.  Could they? Would they? Well maybe Trump or Joe Swinson or Bozza Johnson.

He would be better off making the streets in his own manor safe first.  We can't all drive around in a bomb proof Jag with SAS bodyguards can we?  What did your last government do with those twenty thousand police Boris?  So much for the party of law and order.

I think what is even more remarkable about Hiroshima.  They had the trams up and running  again in three days!  To think I complain and moan about the lack of Public Transport in rural Ireland!

At least Ireland doesn't have any nuclear weapons.  I hope she never will!


  1. I love Guy Martin. He is so focused on whatever project he is working on. Plus he is easy on the eye 😉

  2. Hi JayCee. He's very clever and unbelievably brave. Thanks!

  3. I hope and pray those weapons won't ever be used.

  4. Me too Valerie. Swords into ploughshares.

    I still can't get over that the teams were up and running again after the bomb dropping. Perhaps there is hope for rural public transport yet? We live in hope. Thanks Valerie.

  5. Trams not teams. Silly autocorrect.

  6. Japan is an amazing place.

  7. Yes Sol. Especially the Japanese gardens. Would love to go there some time. Thanks.

  8. Hi Dave. They'll call you "Me duck" in Leicester at the home of King Power in the Midlands.
    I wrote a poem about Hiroshima quite a few years ago. A web site in the US chose it as their poem of the month. I think it was called Okabe's Frottages. Maybe it's still out there somewhere.

  9. Hi Gwil. I have heard "Me DUCK" said in the Midlands too. It's often "Cock" in Lancashire. I featured the Hiroshima Peace Park on the blog when the wife's sister sent us photographs of her trip to Japan. Any chance of you putting your poem on your blog? Thanks.

    1. I've found it now. Go to my linked blog Poet in Residence. And in the search box there enter the following - Okabe's

      That'll get you to the poem mentioned earlier.

      In old pubs up north you'll have the signs above the doors which say DUCK OR GROUSE. Try explaining that one to an Austrian. I defy you.

  10. Thanks Gwil.

    Fillies and Colts are other signs I have seen for the Ladies and Gents toilets up north. They call them The Jack's here in West Cork. I suppose it's come from over the Pond.


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