Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Is It Time to Go Back To The Horse And Cart?

I was sat in the car the other day watching all the cars going round the town centre.  The world and his wife seem to have a car today.  I wonder how much carbon monoxide and all the other fumes are damaging our health?  Did you know that there are over 32 million cars in the UK alone?  Do you think there are too many cars on the roads?  How many will there be in twenty years time?

I would love to go to the Ukraine (rural society) or America to see the Amish people riding around in their horses and carts.  There is something noble about the horse.  Eight million horses lost their lives serving their countries during the First World War.

Years ago in the late 1960's (before) the EEC came to Ireland.  I used to go to West Cork to stay on my grandparents farm in West Cork.  We used to pike the hay by hand (pike) onto the cart and take the milk churns to the 'milk stand' by horse and cart.  It was a wonderful and sedate experience and I often wonder why did the horse and cart die out?

No longer do we see the blacksmith or the harness maker or the hay made by hand.  Harry Ferguson designed the 'three point linkage' and his tractor rarely went lame.  Did you know that it was quicker to get round London in 1830 by horse and carriage than it is by car today.  I guess we call it progress - I call it sad.

What do you think readers?  Should we only be allowed one car per household?  Does anybody really care about the environment?

Have a great Christmas readers!


  1. I don't think it died out as much as was replaced by the infernal combustion engine, everything seems to need to be done in such a rush now.

    I can see the day coming, probably not in my lifetime, when the horse makes a return, they only have so much oil, it's gotta run out eventually.

    I remember a few days of heavy snow about 12 years ago when everything ground to a halt, it was like returning to the days before the mad rush, no vehicles, peace and quiet, birds could be heard singing.

    Or is that just nostalgia?

  2. Sorry Cumbrian for not responding until now. I agree with you. We seem to get nostalgic about steam trains these days. Years ago people thought they polluted everywhere. Some people would drive round the supermarket if they could.

    Thanks Cumbrian!!


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