Monday, 5 December 2011

Am I half way through writing my book or is it nearly finished?

My travelogue memoir is now up to 34000 words.  I have been reading and re-reading it, over and over again. It's good, informative, entertaining and also very amusing.  You see I can't write 'serious' for very long.  I could never write a serious 'how to' book.  'How not to' - no problem!  I'm one of those writer's who find life very amusing and I have a zany approach to life. What do you think dear readers?  I know I have two (three if I include myself) regular readers.  Are books far too 'serious'?  Should we be laughing our way along life's conveyor belt?  How many words do you think there should be in a travelogue?  When is a book finished?  Is it time for me to write another zany book?

Answers on a postcard or maybe a comment or two.  Ta very much.  And to quote that Monty Python song:

"Always look on the bright side of life.."

Did I see you whistling then?


  1. We need books of all descriptions so everyone has the freedom to choose what they feel like reading.

    I sometimes read to learn facts, other times I like to see things through the eyes of others, then there are times I enjoy just immersing myself in total and utter fiction, smiling at the possibility of it having grown from someone's grain of truth or their personal experience.

    Even some of the Barbara Cartland romance novels read like conspiracies when you factor in past real events. :)

  2. Books are great. Especially the one's that try to amuse and entertain. I think there are too many serious books. That's why I like to write humour.

    I seem to spend more time on the Internet reading blogs and subjects that interest me than reading actual books.

    Newspapers don't seem to cover the subjects that interest me. I also cut out the boring bits when I read books these days. This is probably due to surfing the Internet.

    Thanks NYK Media.


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