Friday, 25 November 2011

How Much Do We Pay For Flipping Packaging?

Have you ever thought how much do we pay for that tin that our beer or beans come in?  What do you think about recycling?  How much energy do we use washing the can and removing the label even and driving to take it to the 'Recycle centre'?

I think the shops and manufacturers should display the price of the packaging on the product:  Even 'Organic' vegetables come wrapped in plastic.  What's good about wrapping something free of chemicals - in chemicals?  I think packaging should say:

"This can cost fifty pence for the can and 50p for the contents.

We would soon put stuff back if we knew how much we paid for the packaging wouldn't we?  I heard (dunno if its true) that some German shoppers took their packaging back to the supermarkets and told them to get rid of the packaging for them.

The sad thing about it all.  Is that we pay for the packaging and then we'pay' again to get rid of it.  Then they recycle some of it and we pay for it again.

I think its time that we went back to the old corner shop.  A place where everything is sold 'loose' and in good old fashioned brown-paper.  You can't even get your Fish and Chips (why is it not Chips and Fish) wrapped in newspaper any-more.  You used to be able to get 'proper' fish and chips cooked in animal fats (beef dripping) and you had something to read while you ate your meal!

What do you think readers?


  1. Couldn't agree more, it sometimes seems we throw more away than we actually use.

    I rememeber in my younger days the butchers and fishmongers vans came found and the housewifes took a plate out to the van, no packaging at all.
    Milk was deliverd every morning and the empty bottles put out to be infinitely re-cycled.

    And the newspapers the fish & chips came wrapped in were left on the hearth overnight, they were grease-soaked and wonderful firelighters in the morning.

    Nothing much went in the dustbin.

  2. Hi Cumbrian. Sorry I never answered until now. I just found your comment. This recycling business is nothing new is it? We are such a throwaway society and think nothing for future generations.



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