Sunday, 18 May 2014

A Very Cheap Irrigation System For The Polytunnel.

The missus went to Cork city the other day.  She went in Dealz and bought me a long length of irrigation pipe for one euro forty nine.  Everything in the shop seems to be: one euro forty nine.  I immediately expressed my disapproval and said:

"It will only be a load of old crap."
I duly took the nozzle off the old hosepipe and pressed  the hose into the cheap and nasty irrigation pipe.   Then I turned on the tap and guess what?  It's absolutely brilliant!  I hold my hands up and admit that wifey was right and sometimes cheap doesn't always mean nasty.  Although we won't mention the metal digging trowel will we?  Why do they always bend when you hit a stone?  Also why do they paint gardening tools green?  Is it so they camouflage themselves and you can't find them to do any weeding?  Garden manufacturers please note.  Will you paint all gardening tools orange or bright pink so that we can find them again?  Thank you!

Any road.  No longer do I have to stand holding the hose with my mouth open catching flies for five minutes or more, giving the poly-tunnel a thoroughly good saturating.  No.  I just turn on the tap and leave the irrigation hose with the holes to water it for me.  Do you have a good and cheap irrigation system for you greenhouse, poly-tunnel or vegetable garden?


  1. I picked up a couple of complete systems at a car boot a few years ago at £4each so I'm hoppefully going to set them up for the greenhouses to make night time watering a little cheaper. I might even buy a timer for them as well (depends how tight I'm feeling!). Yours is good for that money!

  2. Four pounds for a complete irrigation system sounds excellent value, Kev. I fixed my 'el cheapo' irrigation hose up with string and good old baling twine. The timer idea sounds excellent. Especially if you wanted to go on on holiday or you were working. You can't beat car boot sales for bargains. Thanks!


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