Monday, 5 May 2014

Latest Pictures From Our Poly Tunnel.

 Things are really moving in the new polytunnel.  The garlic in the bath seems to love the deep soil.  We religiously water the tunnel every day.  Already we are eating lettuces.  The best thing I like about the polytunnel or greenhouse is you have somewhere to potter about in even when its raining.  Rather like today.  You can tell it's a bank holiday.
 Carrots and onions growing in the old tractor wheel rims.  See the sweet corn growing in an old milk strainer I found in one of the farm outbuildings.  The green plastic thing is a kneeler and seat.  The Brassica plants need seperating and planting outside.  The blue planters are old tractor wheel hubs.
 Tomatoes, lettuce in containers and cabbages growing in the bath.

This picture is taken from outside the polytunnel.  The early  potatoes are poking their stalks through the soil.  Celery and last years leeks are growing near them.  Rogue potatoes and weeds are growing through the second handconcrete pig slats that I bought really cheap a couple of the months a go.  You can see the new lawn in the background is now established.  I decided to downscale the veg plot and rest some of it for a couple of years.  We will soon be running out of growing space with all the vegetables growing in the polytunnel.  Perhaps I might claim a few feet or ten back.

Going to sow some swede seeds this week.  I love swedes.  Especially when you pick them when they are the size of a snowball.  Small is beautiful - especially young vegetables.


  1. Coming on very nicely my man.

  2. Hi John. Yes its incredible what a difference what a thin covering of plastic makes on a vegetable plot. It's like Portugal inside the tunnel and Ireland on the outside.

    I look forwarding to reading more tales from your allotment. Thanks for your comment!

  3. You are really wetting our appetite for getting a poly. Although we have a long growing season here, we still need somewhere to start seeds off and grow veggies for winter and early spring. Keep up the good work, and looking forward to seeing more photos.

  4. Swede ia one of those vegetables that I forget how nice it is until I eat it. I'll so mine this week as well then! Your veg is so much further on than mine! I love all your container. I've only got one that's mildly interesting, an old corner feeder full of mint.

  5. Hi Vera, Thanks for your encouragement. The weather is very unsettled here in Ireland at the moment. Yet we can still potter about and water and nurture our vegetable plants, even if its raining. Thanks!

  6. Hi Kev, Some people wait until June to sow their swede. I am going to grow some in trays in the poly tunnel and some directly outside into compost. We are always on the look out for containers: old paint buckets, tractor wheels, fish boxes, plastic vegetable boxes, baths, aluminium milk strainers...? Thanks!


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