Friday, 18 July 2014

New Glasses For The Small Farmer.

We went for a car ride over to Kerry the other day.  I got my eyes tested because I can no longer read the cricket scores and subtitles on the John Logie Baird machine -television!  I was told that my eyes are in perfect health but my eye sight is deteriorating because I am over 45.   Oh what delight I will have reading about those Saga holidays and getting my free Parker pen. I ended up purchasing two pairs of glasses.  One for reading and one for watching the old goggle box.  The helpful Spec Savers lady asked me which frames I wanted and I said:

"I am not bothered."

Which I wasn't.  She laughed and I asked her when they will be ready for me to pick them up.  She said next Tuesday.  I said.

"But I am on my holidays in Poland and Austria next week."


Says she.

Then I find myself telling her how I have waited thirty years or more, to see the American rock band Kansas and my friend lives in Warsaw and he married a Polish girl.  She told me that there's a Polish girl who works with her.  I told her that we have been to Poland before and it's very cheap and the public transport is superb.

So no posts for a week unless I can get on Tweb and Internet in Poland or Austria?  Wish me luck flying on my Jack Jones and I will post some photos when I get back.  I am especially interested in the public transport in Vienna.  They don't know what a bus is here in rural West Cork.  See you later.


  1. Best of luck flying by yourself.

  2. Welcome to my short sighted world

  3. Thanks Cumbrian. Can't say I am looking forward to it. Must find a good book to read for the journey. Might have a couple of pints of Guinness also.

  4. Hi John.

    I think the computer doesn't do your eyes any good. Thanks!

  5. So you are making a Spectacle of yourself !

    Join the club Dave :)

  6. Hope you have a rocking good time!

  7. Thanks Heron. Yes we all need our glasses especially for blogging.

  8. Thanks Vera. I am writing this in Vienna. Saw Kansas on Tuesday and Suzanne Vega Wednesday night in Warsaw. Kansas were especially amazing. Waited thirty years to see them. Stood watching them with tears of joy rolling down my face. Unbelievable and surreal experience. Full report and lots of blog photographs next week when I am back in Ireland. Thanks for your kind comment!


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