Wednesday, 16 July 2014

The Police Car In The Bay.

I was stood in the back garden looking at the young calve-ens (West Cork term for calves) last night.  I could see the light flashing in the bay.  It looks like the flashing light is coming from beneath Bantry Bay.  In fact it's a guiding light for the tankers and boats to navigate the bay.  It must be very rocky there because Bantry bay is one of the deepest natural harbours in the world.  I believe that it's sixty fathoms on one side.  So when we look at the mountains we are only really looking at half of them.

Back to the lights.  When my son was three or four he asked me:

"What were those lights in Bantry Bay?"

I told him that it must be a sunken police car and it's lights are still flashing.

A couple of years later.  Number one  son (too many Charlie Chan films) said:

"There can't be a police car under Bantry Bay dad.  The batteries would have run out by now."

I smiled and said:

"Perhaps they are Duracell one's!"


  1. Oh that made me smile! When I sing the song which has Bantry Bay in it, I shall remember those 'police car' lights!

  2. Caught you then, didn't he?

  3. Hi Vera.

    Perhaps you could write a new verse to the 'Star of the County Down'?

    "Oh what sights to see police car lights..."

    May be not. I am glad it made you smile.

  4. Didn't he just, Cumbrian. Mizzle start to the day here. Supposed to be warmer than Barbados in dear old Blighty. The calves are weaned off the grass now and happily picking away at the grass. Not been a bad summer really. Thanks!


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