Sunday, 24 May 2015

Making Pubs For The Locals (Slugs!).

Blimey the slugs and snails have been acting like locusts in the poly-tunnel and veg plot lately.  I blame it on the showery weather.  I have been going out at night hand picking the slugs and snails.  But they seem to be winning the battle at the moment.  Oh my poor brassica's and beans!

Yesterday I decided to make some 'slug pubs'.  We filled trays and dishes with some cheap beer 'el crappo' from one of the cheap German supermarkets.  I have an habit of picking up a can of some unknown beer and saying:

"I will just get one to see if it's any good."  

Of course it very rarely is.  That's probably why it's so cheap.  Any way here's a couple of photographs of the slug 'pubs'.   The slugs have a last drink and drown.  Poor slugs what?

At least they have a local pub.  I am not bothered really.  I find it's far cheaper to sit at home in your scruffs and have a few cans of Newcastle Brown or other English bitter.  Only thing is you don't have a social life or ever meet people to talk with.

How do you fight slugs and snails?  We bought some organic slug pellets last year and our own slug pubs.  You don't even need to use beer. Pop or cordial will entice them - anything sweet!


  1. Cut and wilted comfrey leaves left on the ground attract slugs so do pieces of plastic, makes a meeting spot for them so easier to gather up and dispose of. Pop slugs into water and leave for a few days then water around your most susceptible plants ( it stinks) but will keep the slugs away, or incinerate them in a can and use the ash around the plants, also works.

    1. Thanks for the slug eradication tips Anne. Potatoes in the veg plot are very poor too. The weather's been very erratic and we are having a strange year.

  2. No problem with slugs here at the moment, but no doubt they will suddenly appear as if by magic once the seedlings come up in the veg plot! That slug trap looks a good idea, also Anne's ideas (the above comment) so we shall be ready for battle when it it most surely will!

  3. Glad to hear you aren't having a slug problem Vera. It must be the sun and heat in France. we have had lots of lush growth in the grass and it's perfect for the slugs and snails to hide in. The 'slug pubs' seem to be doing the trick. Thanks!


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