Sunday, 27 September 2015

Scenes From The South Kerry Ploughing In Killarney.

We went over to Killarney today (Sunday) to the South Kerry Ploughing in Kerry.  It was a lovely day and hundreds if not thousands attended the really well organized event.  The only disappointment was that I couln't find the beer tent.  I don't think there was one.


  1. No beer tent ! next year take your own :-)

  2. Good thinking Dawn. I was spitting feathers for a pint or two. It would have been good to sit on a hay bale, drink some porter and put the world to rights with some farming folk. Thanks for your comment Dawn!

  3. I am in awe of the concentration which is needed to plough a straight furrow. If I were to have a go I can guarantee that the furrows would definitely not be all lined up neatly. Your day out looks lovely. Shame about the lack of a beer tent though. Perhaps they don't have one because it might distract from the competition.

    1. Hi Vera. Yes ploughing is like a science. I noticed that the competitors at Killarney all ploughed on flat land. It makes such a difference and the furrows are so incredibly neat and uniform.

      It was a lovely day watching the Irish farming folk at leisure. There was lots and lots of trade stands and machinery, double glazing, boots, stoves..., for sale and to dream of winning the lottery and buying all the diggers, tractors etc.

      My wife bought some goats milk soap. Apparently most commercial bought soaps contain chemicals. Could be a market there for all the smallholders who keep goats? Thanks for commenting Vera,

  4. I love a good Ploughing Competition; I used to go a lot in Wales, and was always in awe. My own ploughing is atrocious.

  5. I know what you mean about being in awe Cro. Competitition ploughing is a science. I have had a go myself and my furrows have either been too deep bringing up the clay or the look like they have been ploughed by a drunken ploughman. The furrows meander like rivers. Thanks for your comment.


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