Monday, 9 July 2018

Moved To Tears In The Minster.

We stayed a day and night at Wimborne Minster Folk Festival on our tour of parts of Hardy's Wessex.  Thomas Hardy himself often use to sit in the Minster and contemplate.

We watched the excellent folk singer Amy Goddard perform some of her songs in a concert in the Minster.  One song of hers in particular moved me to tears.  I wasn't blubbing like a baby but the tears started rolling down my cheeks.   It was very heavy for me on a Sunday afternoon.

It's a beautiful and poignant song.  One of the comments on the video points out that it was the last day of the school term.  If you get a chance to see Amy perform in Blighty.  Don't miss her.  I will post a more cheerful blog tomorrow.


  1. She has a lovely voice, I could hear all the words. I have never heard of her but will look out for her name name. Thanks Dave.

  2. Thanks Rachel. Amy does have a lovely voice. She does an excellent cover of Bruce Springteens 'Dancing In The Dark'. Have a look on good old You Tube for more of her songs.

  3. Aberfan - I remember it well, and still with the same sadness. I too would have been tearful listening to Amy sing.

  4. Hi Valerie. I would have been about five or six when the tragedy happened but I can still remember the black and white pictures on the news. Amy has a beautiful voice and the Minster was the perfect setting for her song. Thanks!

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