Sunday, 12 August 2018

Butterflies On The Butterfly Bush.

I was visiting our pet cemetery in the garden where three of our dogs  have their graves.  I noticed the butterflies on the Buddleia  bushes.  I brought the Buddleia over with two wheelie bins of plants when we emigrated to Ireland seventeen years ago last month.  It was one of my successful cuttings that I made.  We have made lots of Buddleia bushes since then.

If you want to plant a bush that will attract butterflies, plant a Buddleia.  They are name after a vicar and Botanist: the Reverend Adam Buddle. He lived near Peterborough in Deeping St James.  I saw some Buddleia growing in derelict land near Temple Mead railway station when I went to Dorset in June.

My mental juke box started playing when I watched the butterflies.  Here's a song called Dog and Butterfly by the American rock band Heart.  I was lucky enough to once see them play live at Birmingham NEC in about 1988?  Enjoy.


  1. For butterflies, plant a Buddleia!

    Oh what a lovely butterfly, you have pictured...

  2. Thanks. We counted forty butterflies. A lot of Red Admirals and some cabbage whites too. They also like the nettles. There is a nettle in the photograph. They are like a rose with a thorn. Lots of uses but a sting in their tail. Thanks for commenting wisp.

  3. Good photo of the butterfly Dave. I like the bright colour of it against the blue. The buddleias have been good this year, they grow wild along the railway sidings and I think they are considered a weed but they look good.

  4. Thanks Rachel. The roses and sweet peas have been wonderful along with the buddleias. I rarely see Rosebay Willow Herb in Ireland. That was rife in England. Thanks.

  5. I love Buddleia. Had one at my last house, thirty odd years ago. Don't have it now but I can see it across the road in a neighbours front garden, sadly too far away to see if butterflies are there. Talking of butterflies, I have a lot of whites in the garden, many more than ever before. They come in droves - no kidding. Wondering if the recent hot weather encouraged such a lot.

  6. Hi Valerie. Buddleias are great, especially for attracting butterflies. We have been plagued with cabbage whites causing havoc and layong ehhs on our brassicas this year. The hot weather must suit them like we appreciate the rays. Thanks.

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