Tuesday, 7 August 2018

Making Cucumber Soda Bread And A Funeral For A Canine Pal.

We have been looking for different recipes for cucumbers.  I found Cucumber Bread on the old Tinternet and T'web.  Of course we tinkered with the recipe and came up with Cucumber Soda Bread.  

Here's what we did:  We picked a cucumber.  Sliced it vertically in half.  Scooped out any seeds and pith with a spoon.  Then peeled the skin.  Then we grated the cucumber.  Then we strained the juice out with a spoon pressing the cucumber through the sieve.  You should end up with a cup full.  

Then you get a brown bread mix.  We used Oudlum's Traditional Brown Soda Mix.  Followed the instructions to make the bread which is written (printed) on the back of the mix paper bag and added the cup of cucumber.  

Bob's your uncle:  Cucumber Soda Bread.

You can see the pieces of cucumber shinning and glistening through the bread.  

Makes you wonder what other vegetables you can put in your bread.   We enjoyed our cucumber soda bread and would definitely make it again.

On a sad note:  Poor old Fido our Jack Russell who I often post pictures and write about on this blog.  Decided it was time to go to Doggy Heaven last week.   

Number two son wrapped Fido in her blanket with the paw prints printed on it and he helped me dig the hole next to her dad Toby's (Jake Russell, obviously!)and Zeta the Border Collie's grave.  I was very proud of our son and realised he's not a child any more 

Fido is missed very much like our other departed four legged pals. She was 16 in our years or 112 in dogs.  We've still got Scamp the pint sized Jack Russell and Domino our white cat with the black tail.  He's always sat on the window sill every morning looking through the kitchen window, waiting for his breakfast.  Hope you're all OK?


  1. Good luck to Fido and all the family!

    Just back from my mum's funeral. She chose her own music. The final song was "Wish Me Luck as You Wave Me Goodbye - Gracie Fields"

    Great spirit. Says it all.

    1. Thanks Gwil. Hope you're all coping. Been through it when my parents died. Love the final song. My dad's was Fields of gold by Eva Cassidy. I want Parisienne Walkways: Gary Moore at mine. Thanks!

    2. I think I'd like Nimrod. It has the feeling of ascending to the stars.

    3. I often listen to Nimrod when I am listening to my brass bands music. Good choice Gwil.

  2. Sorry for your loss, but sounds as if she had a good and long life.

    Since one can make Carrot Cake, why not make Veggie Breads? :-) Which you have proved, can be done.

    It sounds delicious, as all _real_ breads do. Because for years, I have had to live Gluten Free. There are a lot of G/F substitutes, for _real_ breads. But not all, are able to be eaten. -sigh-

    I still miss such a bread, as you have pictured! Have a couple of slices, just for me! :-)))

  3. Thanks wisp of words. Fido was often mentioned on my blog. She was a great ratter and friend. I use to give her two biscuits for her wages every day.

    You're so right about vegetable bread. It turned out really well. Thanks!

  4. Thanks Philip. Have you had any rain in Suffolk yet? We are getting mixed weather here in West Cork. Temperatures only sixteen degrees tonight. Farmers spreading fertilizer and going for the second cut of silage. Thanks!

  5. Cucumber bread sounds different. My mum's Mrs Beetons has several cucumber recipes, I just looked, including soup and cucumbers with a white sauce which I think I would like. I didn't realise cucumbers are so versatile. Sorry to hear about Fido but good that number 2 son is a grown up and took it all in his stride, hopefully at least. Thanks Dave.

  6. Thanks so much Rachel. Fido was a great pal and we all miss her so much. Cucumbers are versatile. Apparently they originally came from India and came to England in the fourteenth century. No doubt they came down the silk road with coffee and all the other aromatic spices. Thanks Rachel

  7. Sorry to hear about Fido, and I know that you will miss her. I still miss Bools, our springer spaniel, and often sense his presence around me. As for cooking with cucumbers.... I shall keep that the possibility of doing so for future reference, hopefully next year when we start growing our own veg again!

  8. I don't eat bread as a rule, simply because I can't get out to find something I know I would like, but I remember the days when Joe and I would search the bakery counters for 'different' breads. Oh happy days!
    I am sorry you lost your faithful friend. I know the feeling of loss when my two labradors and one cat departed this earth.

  9. Thanks Vera. Our dogs and cats become great companions and it feels like a bereavement when the die.

    Sounds like you could do with some gardening help this year in the vef plot. Have you thought of Woofers or a part time gardener? I am amazed what can be grown invgarden frames, pots and the polytunnel. Thanks!

  10. Thanks Valerie. I am not a big fan of sliced white bread. We seem to be finding new ingredients for our bread. Variety is said to be the spice of life. Thanks for your kind words about Fido. I am glad we got another terrier when she was getting old. It's good to still have another dog and not have to start again with a puppy. Thanks

  11. Cucumber soda bread made with Greek yogurt. Cucumber chutney, Cucumber jam.

  12. Thanks for the cucumber recipe tips anonymous.

  13. I am sorry about Fido...and you are rightly proud of your son.

  14. Thanks Libby. He was very brave and a great help. Thanks for your comment.

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