Friday, 18 October 2019

A Day Trip To The Top Of Snowdon.

For Gwil.

About twenty years a go my wife and my two or three year old son and my self decided to go to the top of Mount Snowdon in Wales.  We traveled by car and then boarded the mountain train.  Its a very scenic railway line and also quite steep.  On the way up we passed some Gurkha's marching up Snowdon.  Yep marching, 

 We eventually arrived at the summit and the wife went into the cafe for an ice cream for number one son and a "nice" cup of tea or coffee for her good self.  

I decided to proceed a bit higher to the cairn at the very top of the mountain.  It's more of a place of where angels fear to tred.  I slipped and slid and was not an happy bunny.  In fact I felt rather frightened.  So I scaled down the rocks and entered the sanctuary of the cafeteria.

I looked like I had been dragged through an hedge backwards.  My hair was unkempt and my leather jacket was saturated with the relentless rain and mist and my slip on shoes were saturated too.  I looked across to my son who looked like he was having a shave with his ice-cream.  Then I noticed the Ghurkhas looking at my apparel in sheer horror.  It was like they were thinking:

"We've just marched 3000 feat to the top of Snowdon in full army uniform and he's walked and climbed up it in a leather jacket and slip on shoes!"  

They didn't realize we had got there by train and I had only walked to the cairn at the top..


  1. Great story. I bet those Ghurkas are still talking about you.

  2. Hi Jaycee. I am glad you enjoyed it. Don't think anybody's been mountaineering or hiking wearing a sip up leather jacket and slip on shoes before. We still laugh about it.

  3. So funny Dave. I can just picture you and sitting in the café trying to look all composed and as if nothing had happened. Thanks for the story.

  4. Glad my tale made you laugh Rachel. I felt like I had my own personal cloud with me. If only an hole would appear and swallow me up. It was funny though. Thanks.

  5. A great story. Those are some brave soldiers.

  6. Thank you Joanne. Yes the Ghurkas are very brave indeed.

  7. A story never to be forgotten. Loved it!

  8. I am glad you loved my mountaineering anecdote Valerie. Wonder if Trespass the outdoor clothing shop will sell my slip on shoes range of walking shoes? Thanks.

  9. Thanks Dave. A great story. The Tale of the Irish Mountaineer by Gurk Ha.

    When I ran in the Snowdon International Fell Race I picked up a painful blister on my way down. A man saw my plight and rushed towards me. I'm the Irish team doctor, he gasped.

    Well, he ordered me to sit down on a rock. Gently remove my shoe. And with his magic potions and lotions he fiddled and faddled, and before I knew I was walking on air and then, lo and behold, I was flying down the rocky path like a Welsh mountain goat.

  10. Hi Gwil. We both have a tale to tell about the mighty Mount Snowdon. You must be very fit and have the agility of a Welsh mountain goat. Thanks.


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