Monday, 21 October 2019

I Am A Cider Drinker.

I have started drinking cider because it's cheap and 5.2 Percent.  That's two litres for 3 Euros and 79 Cents.  We don't or can't get any English beer any more.  Don't know why.  I use to enjoy Newcastle Brown but you can't buy it any more.

I had a few attempts at brewing my own beer but we didn't like the taste of it.  Recently I have tried some of the Craft beers made over here.  I found them expensive and up there with my home brewing attempts.

When I  went to Canterbury at the end of July.  I would go in Wetherspoon's and order a pint of Cornish Doom Bar bitter for two Pounds a pint.  Then I would go in Sainbury's and purchase a few bottles of Newcastle  Brown Ale.  The cashier would ask me every time if I wanted a bag and if I  wanted a receipt.  Dear old Blighty.

Time for a sing song me thinks:


  1. That's cheap. I would drink cider too at that price. I presume the taste is to your taste.
    I've heard potato wine is quite nice and you could make your own , you've got plenty of potatoes!
    Just joking although one of my uncles made potato wine.....many many years ago. I was too young to taste it myself thank goodness.
    Here the cheapest alcohol is homemade wine....from grapes.
    2.5-3 euros for one a half litres. Very drinks le

  2. Hi LA. Yes it's nice. We get it from the German garden centre and supermarket where we do our shopping in town. I think vodka and poteen is made from potatoes. Poteen is called 'the white lemonade' in West Cork. You can even buy legally distilled poteen here now. The grape wine sounds very cheap. Thanks.

  3. I think they are making potato gin now too. I don't drink cider although I have done so in the past. It is nice to drink and quite pleasing.

  4. Hi Rachel. Gin is very popular over here at the moment. Never heard of potato gin. I once drank some dodgy scrumpy at Glastonbury. Five Pounds for a gallon in a clear container with chunks of wood floating in it. There's some lovely cider in Herefordshire and the West country. I drink it because it's cheap and strong. Thanks.

  5. I wonder whatever happened to Newky Brown!

    1. I have just managed to reply to you Valerie after Gwil's comment.

  6. In the 1950s when I was a nipper my dad would buy two bottles of Woodpecker Cider on his way home on a Friday and in the evening mum and he would open one. The other was for the Saturday evening. That was their night life.

  7. Hi Valerie. They sell bottles of dog (Newcy Brown ale) in supermarkets like Sainbury's and Asda. I bought some bottles from Sainbury's when I went to Kent in July.

  8. Hi Gwil. I remember Woodpecker cider. Lovely that your parents would share a bottle of cider on a Friday and a Saturday night.


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