Thursday, 6 December 2012

Birthday Thoughts. Those Few Words That You Miss.

Today I would like to take a break from writing about smallholdings and allotments.  Don't worry normal service will be resumed over the weekend.  'They' who ever 'they' are.  Say you should never write when you're emotional.  However, blogs are supposed to have meaning and they don't always need to be light hearted or one of my rants about the lack of public transport (here we go) in the countryside.

Birthday Thoughts

Yesterday (Wednesday) was my 49th year to Heaven or Hell or even eternal sleep.  See it how you will  It was my first birthday without my mother ringing me and saying:

"Hello David.  Happy birthday."

Just a few words that I will never hear my mother's voice say ever again. Not in this life any way.  Life is so cruel at times.  I nearly put a swear word there, but I won't.  I thank God for my mother's life for everything she ever did for me.  Grief is very strange.  My mother died (passed away even) in January and I thought the pain had eased.  Then some occasion comes around and the morose feelings over whelm you once again.  You only have one mother.

Many moons ago I used to be a born again Christian.  I really believed that Jesus was my friend.  Some how I drifted away and circumstances made me cynical and even at times wonder if God exists.  However when somebody like your mother dies, you change your outlook on life.  You can either be bitter, or you tell yourself, there's got to be a God, you have got to hope that you will meet your loved one's again.

My good friend  and fellow blog writer: Pat Papertown 2 puts it perfectly:

"Better to believe in God even if he's only an illusion(better to have a glorious illusion than a 'meaningless life'), I think."

I couldn't put it better myself.  Here's a track by the late Norman Barratt:  "Your Love."  I think a member of his family recently posted it on You Tube.  I thank them for that!  Norman Barratt was in the early nineteen seventies rock group 'Gravy Train'.  I once saw him and his band at a Christian music festival in Bedfordshire in the early 1980's.  The lyrics are superb and mean so much.  Hope you enjoy them.

Thanks for reading.


  1. Crikey Dave, you made me come over all emotional with this post. Not a problem though I don't mind the tears coming sometimes.
    I like Pat Papertown's words about God. They sum up my feelings so well.
    I might pinch this song for my blog. It is beautiful.

  2. Brave post, Dave, I think it's good to let things out. Like John, I think this is a post that a lot of people can deeply emphasise with.

  3. a lovely and honest post dave
    more of them please ( and I mean that request "GENERALLY" and not specific to you....
    this sort of post reminds me just how powerful blogging can be
    well done that man

  4. Hi John, I saw your video on You Tube - brilliant!

    Some times words and music and art can be a wonderful catharsis. I think the song could even be used to refer to a human person that you love or have loved. I agree Pat, summed it up perfectly. It is a beautiful song. I think you can still get Norman Barratt CD's. Anybody know - please!

  5. Totally agree Pat. We all hurt and we have got to let it all out now and again. I am glad that it is a post that most people can emphasise with. You're quote is the quote of the day. Here's to the glorious illusion - even God!

    Thanks Master Pat. Well he is a master of arts.

  6. You're blog does the same John. Think we all have a five or ten minutes in every day when we reflect...

    Thanks John.

  7. It’s hard to know what to say, but I couldn’t just silently pass by.

    Sorry it hit you like it did yesterday, but I’m sure your mother would be pleased and proud to know of your love for her.

    Anyroad (now who says that I wonder ?), I’ve just cracked open a can of Tetley’s, so here’s to your birthday for yesterday mate ,“MANY HAPPY RETURNS”.

    Oh, and Merry Christmas as well while I’m at it (am I too early ?).


  8. "Merry Christmas" Tom. You are the first to wish me it kind sir.

    Thanks for your kind words. Think we can all relate to the above. Life can be so cruel at times. Thank God for our parents.

    Tetleys bitter? Hmmm... Not sure about that. Would rather have a pint of Thwaites. Do they still brew Samuel Smiths?

    How's the allotment doing this week? Hoping to do some digging on my veg plot in the next few days. The cattle keep me fit though. Only fourteen wheelbarrows yesterday to pike. Who said cattle should have straw to lie on?

    Anybody reading this, pop over to tom's blog: The Netall Patch. It's very good and amusing.

    Thanks Tom.

  9. Despite missing your mother I do hope you had a nice birthday. You only get one a year you know - except for those poor sods born on Leap Year Day who missing out 3 in 4 years. Cheers

  10. Thanks Carole. It will be Summer where you are, won't it? I hope we get a good one next year. Thanks for visiting.


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