Saturday, 8 December 2012

"If I Were A Shepherd, I Would Bring A lamb."

Hi Folks,

BANTRY BAY 2010.  The locals hadn't seen scenes like this since 1947.
"In The Bleak Midwinter' was recently voted the world's greatest Christmas carol.  I would not disagree.  The hymn was originally penned by the great English poet:  Christina Rossetti.   The hymn talks about the bleakness of winter and that we have to have a child like relationship with God our father.  I wonder in this hi- tech world we live in.  What gift would we give the baby Jesus?  What could be a more beautiful gift than than that of a new born lamb?

What's your favourite Christmas song?    Over the next few weeks I will play you some of mine.  Hope you like them and tell me about your favourites?

Here's the incredibly beautiful Welsh' diva , Katherine Jenkins singing: "In The Bleak Midwinter".

Have a good weekend folks..


  1. Think you're right, Dave, this is the Christmas song that first springs to mind for most people.

    Great opening picture, never realised you'd got snow in Ireland, Dave.

  2. Hi Pat, I love the hymn.

    Don't worry I will play yours and Greg Lakes favourite "They say.....?" Yeah that one.

    We only normally get a talcum powder sprinkling next to the sea or you can see it on top of 'Sugar Loaf' and 'Hungry Hill' and on the 'Caha' Mountains overlooking the bay. 2010 was different though and we couldn't get to town for a week. Thankfully a few good neighbours with 4x4 jeeps helped us with the shopping.

    Is it snowing in Warsaw Pat?

  3. Yes, there's been some snow, Dave, even in October on the day of the Steve Vai concet. I really love fresh snow, it's like sunlight, it raises the soul.

    What I don't like is the -20 (or even -30) that can come in February, then you're simply putting on enough clothes to survive, it's real 'icicles in the beard stuff' (but a beard is useful in this weather, of course).

  4. Hi Pat, I can't comprehend -20 or -30. I know what it's like when I am trying to open a bale of silage and my finger nails feel like they are dropping off, removing the plastic.

    Yes I think growing a beard is a good idea Pat. I bet the snow is great for your photographs?


  5. Yeah, Dave and John, sometimes, we get away with -10 or -15, hope it's this way this winter.

  6. Yes John, I hope everybody gets a warm Christmas. It's times like this when you think about all the wild animals and homeless people sleeping rough. Think there is an idea for a future blog there?


  7. Hi Pat, It's still sounds unbearable. Do the Polish authorities grit the roads and clear the snow? I bet it costs a fortune in heating bills or do you have excellent insulation?

    I dread it when the rural roads ice up. There is no salt spread except for the main roads in the towns and that's only with a tractor and a manure spreader.

    Great win for the England cricket team.


  8. Greetings - came here via another blog - my favourite carol is also this one. This time of the year I love listening to Classic FM - really gets me in the festive mood!

  9. Greetings, Mrsnesbitt. Yes it's a beautiful carol. Would love to go to somewhere like Winchester and have a Dickensian type of Christmas. Thank-you for your comment!


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