Thursday, 7 February 2013

Country File Says We Are Having An 18 Month Winter. (Rain Stopped Play.)

I seem to spend my Sunday afternoons and evenings, watching the Premiership ("Glory, glory, Man United") on Sky, having a few scoops of Newcastle Brown, watching Time Team (how can you find anything in 3 days?) and watching Country File.  I like watching it because I love the British Countryside and especially Julia Bradbury (born in Dublin and lived in Peak District) is a lass who loves walking - proper lass.  I bet she sups pints (bitter) and supports Manchester United and you can talk to her about cricket, allotments, smallholdings and heavy rock music?  I also like your railway walks programmes Julia - thanks!

Any road (proper northern English talk, what's wrong with some proper slang?)  according to Country File the residents of the British Isles have been having an 18 month winter.  I think that's a bit optimistic, don't you?  I can't remember a proper summer since 2003.  One of those years when you look like you've been to Spain and you have only been sitting outside or weeding the veg plot.  The seasons are up the spout and I think it's time the weather booked up.  

We (me and number one son) had a go at ploughing with Anna Ford and my sixty five Euros plough this week.  Here's a few pictures.  

"Ann a Ford"  My Ford 3000.
"Number 2" son and Jack Russell terrier sitting on "Maggie".

Half ploughed field.  Then it rained for a change.
Parts of the field now have some nice ruts that are full of water.  Can I say that these are natural habitats for wading birds and smallholders in wellington boots?   All this trouble for some Fodder Beet.  Anybody want to help me pike (by hand) fym over the furrows?  Oh the joys of smallholding farming .  It's raining again today.  This is not cricket is it?  Rain stopped play.  


  1. An 18 month winter...ok pack your bags chickens we're off to spain

  2. I think climate change is a reality and you do wish that you could go and live in a warmer climate. Talked to quite a few older smallholding farmers and they say they have never known such damp conditions for such a long time.

    Thanks John!

  3. Does sugar beet like a damp soil?

  4. I would think so. They need a lot of water to make them big.

  5. Looks like an ideal field then.


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