Wednesday, 22 January 2014

A Rotovator Or A Cowovator? Cattle Feed On Kale And Till The Land At The Same Time.

Went passed this field in West Cork yesterday (Tuesday)..  It was full of Holstein Friesian cattle 'strip grazing' Winter Kale.  The farmer places an electric fence in front of them.  To stop them eating all the lot.  Rather like a donkey eating strawberries.

We were on one of the ever meandering rural

roads of West Cork.  On the way for yet another tractor part.  A cracked bearing needed replacing.  Any road.  I thought I would take a photograph of the cows for you on the way back.

One hour later.  The cows had only gone to be milked and the field was empty!  Not to worry. I couldn't get over what a good job the cows had done devouring the Kale and churning up the soil.  It gives me much encouragement when we start feeding our little field of Kale soon.  I was thinking of putting it back to grass.  But we might have a go at growing Fodder Beet.  All we need is for it to stop raining.  Don't suppose there's much chance of that?

What are you growing this year?


  1. Sounds easier leading the cattle to the kale than the kale to the cattle, just a fence to move on every so often. saves leading the slurry back to the field as well.
    Rain might hold off ling enough to move the fence?

    Cool today, overcast and breezy. But not raining.

    Raggy cat waiting with an enthusiastic welcome, straight to the biccies and milk, then in front of fire.

  2. Welcome back Cumbrian. The cattle did excellent job eating the Kale (every bit) and churning the soil with their hooves. It should make an excellent field when it gets reseeded with grass.

    Did you have a good holiday? Could do with some sun. Most flights only go from Dublin until April. Been looking at Lisbon and Cascais. Have you been there?

    Glad to hear Raggy Cat is well. Terrier was sick and wouldn't eat the other day. So my son pretended to eat some of her meat and she scoffed it. She was soon back to her old self.

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