Saturday, 18 January 2014

Fixing a 'Grey Fergie' 20 In The Cowshed. ( Doctor Frankenstein's Tractor?)

I told you about the 'Grey Fergie' we bought recently.  She turned out to need a lot more work than I thought.  I thought I had bought a load of old scrap. Then we heard of another Fergie for sale and she had all the parts we needed.  She was cheap and another tractor duly arrived on our smallholding.  Number one son then announced to me that he was going to replace the back end of one tractor with the front end of the other.  The two tractors were then drove and pushed into the cow shed and the pictures show what we (he)did.

Here she is put back together again.  Yes she works again and we have another tractor for spare parts.  The next job is to get her sand blasted, re-wired and give her a few coats of primer and paint.  I think Doctor Frankenstein would have been proud of number one son's mechanical skills.  Will post pictures of her when she gets her new frock (paint job).


  1. Magnificent little tractors, still the best in the world, sadly neglected in UK but I believe eagerly sought after in some countries.

  2. Yes they are magnificent. Harry Ferguson, Henry Ford and Rudolf Diesel are my tractor heroes. The best thing about the tractors were that they could be fixed in the field.

    Talking to an elderly farmer about his Ford 2000 tractor the other day. Says he paid 1200 Punts for her in 1971, brand new. I told him she was worth 2,500 Euro/Pounds. He smiled and said:

    "I won't be selling her though!"

    I won't be selling mine either. Number one son is going looking at another Ferguson 20 tomorrow. She's in 2 halfs. He's not daunted though.

    Thanks very much for your comment!


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