Friday, 10 January 2014

Something To Do On The Smallholding When The Satellite Receiver Gets Struck With Lightning.

 The electricity supply was restored on Monday night.  So I turned on the old computer and nothing happened.  The broadband wasn't working.  Then I switched on the television and satellite receiver and they did not respond.  Further investigations found the satellite receiver had taken an hit courtesy of the telephone cable.

I am informed that a certain telephone company doesn't appear to 'earth' landlines.  Any road we lived to tell the tale and the Sky man is supposed to be arriving tomorrow to reinstate our television and satellite.  Don't know when the telephone company will arrive?  So folks.  Always make sure you unplug your television and telephone when its going to thunder and lightning.  Sky says they won't charge us anything for replacing our receiver.  I just hope the old goggle box still works?  

Lightning strikes our satellite receiver.

It's been quite boring not having no television to watch the last few nights.  We have no street lights for 4 miles.  So you can't go a walk with the terrier.  There's no pub for five miles and we have no public transport.  So we watched some vintage tractor DVD's the other night.  This led to me and my eldest son giving comments about every vintage tractor and wasn't Harry Ferguson a genius...?  Last night we watched 'Some Mothers Do Have Em'.  Why can't they make a new series?  Michael Crawford is a legend.  

I wonder how smallholders passed the long dark winter nights before the days of radio and television?  I suppose neighbours called round and  conversation was still an art.  I don't think I could manage without a television.  Just wish their were more programmes about vegetable growing, smallholding and vintage tractors.  

Dog and cat aren't concerned about having no television.


  1. .what did smallholders do?
    They went to bed
    And were boring

  2. Probably John. Rural living can be quite boring when you lose electricity and modern gadgets like the television and broadband.

    Thanks for making me laugh!

  3. Dave Ireland pre TV: involved visiting neighbours homes (aka rambling) story telling, playing musical instruments, a hand of 21's and relating news to each other or reading. Irish society was far more integrated than it is now.

  4. Thanks for that. I remember visiting my grandparents farm in the late nineteen sixties and they would switch on the radio just for the evening news and the forever changing weather.

    Television is often blamed for people no longer visiting their neighbours. We seem to think we don't need anybody but our selves these days. I wish I was around when the music halls were in their glory. You can't beat live entertainment or a goodvillage pub. Thanks!

    1. Dave, I have on a few occasions invited some of the local musicians to have a session in my cottage. I provide refreshments and we all have a good time as it makes for a great night.

  5. Sounds like a hooley in the kitchen. My grandmother used to Irish dance in her kitchen when she was young. I have also read about the legendary shebeens.

    Think you have got a great blog topic there, Heron.



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