Tuesday, 7 October 2014

Wanted Anderson Shelter For Our Smallholding.

I have been thinking ("oh no!") imagine if we had our very own Anderson shelter or a cellar on the smallholding.  Sunday night was the first gale of the gale season.  This usually lasts from November to March, here in Ireland, in the countryside, slap bang next to the sea.

Local people tell me that the gales seem to be getting worse and they don't like the gales either.  All that wind and all that power and we all worrying, praying and crossing our fingers, when ever we get a storm.  I woke up yesterday morning and half expected to go outside and for it to look like a scene from the Wizard of Oz after the Tornado.  There was no Toto to be seen.  Just Fido my faithful Jack Russell terrier/ tripe hound.  She wagged her tail and looked at me with a bemused expression on her face, as if to say:

"What's wrong with you Davy boy?"

"Twas only a breeze to blow away the cobwebs."

She had obviously been sleeping in the hay-barn full of  large round bales of hay and totally oblivious to the gale.  I hate the storms.  Especially when we lose our electricity and we have no water from the well because the electricity runs the well pump and we can't build the fire up in the range because it will start to make the pipes threaten to explode because we can't turn the pump on.  But most of all I hate it when we have no lights or television and especially when we have no broadband to read blogs and email.

Do you think we should build a cellar or an Anderson shelter for the gales?  Or should we not be so soft and just batten down the hatches, stick ear plugs in our ears and try to go to sleep?


  1. Hey Dave, Im a wannabe smallholder. I think some people have a gene that is stronger than others to make sure you can do as much as possible for yourself. the need to improve is just there isn't it...

    what about shutters like they have in france. I don't mean the wooden ones, I mean the metal ones.


    our windows open outwards on this house so we cant have them. worth a thought though

  2. I'm getting a generator to run the house soon incase the power goes out. II'll fit a change over switch so the genny connects to our main board. you can fit anti draught cowls to your chimney to stop the down draught. Not sure how good they are though.

  3. Hi Sol. If you want a smallholding, you will have one soon. It's not just down to money. There are smallholdings to rent and cheap farms (especially ruins) in other countries. I wish you luck and I am sure it won't be long before you have your own smallholding.

    I wish we had built a cellar/basement when we built our house. It would have been great for a bar and somewhere to store smallholding produce.

    Thanks for the shutter advice and comment.

  4. Hi Kev. Please will you blog about the generator and the generator switch? I have been thinking of doing the same but I don't want to blow the house up. Also been looking at Lister engines (we have a crankstart one on a digger) like they use to use on milking machines, Seen a few stationary engines at vintage shows. If you want some inspiration about off grid living have a look at Lackan Cottage Farm blog. I have followed it for a few years and they always inspire me with their off grid living. Thanks for the chimney cowl info.

  5. I want to buy some parrafin lamps
    Just in case

  6. Hi John, Yes we have a couple of storm lamps that need filling up with paraffin. The candles and torches are all ready and waiting. We had some wonderful (not) thunder and lightning near us in the early hours of this morning. Thanks!

  7. Hardly think you need an Anderson shelter, but the genner sounds like a good idea.

  8. Yes a generator would be a good idea, Cumbrian. Or if I could get a Lister stationary engine. I see a lot of them at vintage tractor events. Lister engines are incredible inventions. We have one on the Smalley digger. You would think the Dairy men still used them for milking with the ever increasing electricity bills and power cuts due to the storms.


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