Sunday, 30 October 2011


"We live in the shadowlands, sun is always shining somewhere else....
around a bend in the road.... over the brow of a hill.."

That's a CS Lewis quote.  Doesn't it sum up the human condition ever so perfectly?  We spend our lives searching for something.

For x amount of years (over ten) I tried to be a writer - a published one at that.  Last year I fulfilled my dream. Am I happier now that I can call myself  Mr Author?  Not really.  Yes its brilliant to see my book on Amazon and write blogs about writing and humour.  But I still haven't got much money and my book doesn't get reviewed in the national newspapers.

Then again.  Is that why we write?

Are you a writer?

Why do you write?

 I would love to know!



  1. I'm not quite a professional writer, although writing takes up most of my time, so I guess that would make me a pro-am? I'm aiming to be fully professional as soon as I can find the time to write even more. (Home, family, livestock, house renovations and other work all need to take priority for now.)

    I write because I enjoy writing and it can pay for itself, as long as you aren't in any hurry to make your millions. I will be a writer next year. LOL

    Being an author is a whole different kettle of fish. An author needs books' worth of writing all connected to make up the one storyline. Having worked within publishing, I think authors are to publishing houses what racehorses are to training yards.

    You can't guarantee to breed a good horse just because of its bloodlines. Thoroughbreds are ten a penny when you know where to look. Youngsters need to show real promise in order for anyone to pay them any attention in the betting ring before they've even made it out onto the track, but they do end up being backed into favourite place, regardless of their lack of previous form. Have a think about it... they pump millions of pounds/Euros into both sectors despite the limited opportunities for making it into the Classics. :)

  2. Thanks for the advice. Anna Sewell knew her horses and she only needed to write one classic!


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