Thursday, 13 October 2011


The new manuscript is beginning to write itself.  I think its the exercise of writing four blogs a week that is keeping me writing fit.  That's two blogs for this site and another two on my book publishers blog site.  I am eating, sleeping and drinking my writing at the moment.

Writing the amusing travel guide/ memoir is really enjoyable at the moment.  Its great to have my old friend Google to click every time I think of a new topic.  I have only been on-line for the last two years.  Now I am completely addicted to the Internet.

The manuscript contains quite a few funny anecdotes and hopefully lots of useful and useless information.  I have noticed that the two essential ingredients of a successful memoir are humour and pathos;

"Make em laugh, make em cry".

I have read Angela's Ashes and it contains plenty of humour and pathos.  If you can make people laugh and cry, you have something special.  We all have lots of rain and sunshine in our lives and should a book be any different?

Here's a joke (very old) that contains pathos and humour;


I have lost my dog.  Its got no tail, one eye and only one ear.  Answers to the name of: LUCKY!


  1. Good evening, Mr Internet addict.

    Glad to hear that the latest manuscript is coming along and I do hope that poor dog is found soon.

    Four blogs? I think I have a note of only two of them... scratches head and wanders off to look more closely at your profile.

  2. Thanks NYK. Its great to have a sense of humour isn't it?

    Four blogs? No you're right there are only two of them. I write two blogs for Northsider and two for my book publishers site.

    Lots of people seem to be reading this blog, but few seem to leave any comments. I know now how the news reader feels when he's (or she's) talking to the television camera. Saying that. I often talk back the television.


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