Monday, 3 October 2011


I was listening to a funny tale on Irish radio the other week.  A lady was on a plane talking to a old man.  He was a farmer.  She got talking about the latest Lotto winner.  The man said he knew how they would feel.  He said he'd won it himself - but he never told his missus!

Apparently you have a one in 14 million chance of winning the lottery.  There is more chance of you randomly dialling any phone number and the queen picking up the receiver and saying;

"Hiya.  Are you coming round to our house (even Palace) for a brew?"

I wouldn't want millions.  Just enough to buy a few more cattle, start my own book publishing company, brewery, have lots of holidays, never see another Winter again, have my own box at Manchester United, buy an house in Cornwall..?

What would you do if you won the Lottery?


  1. I'd certainly have a jolly good try at spending it!

    There would be my big house, complete with adjoining writers' studios (log cabin style retreats) plus Frugaldom's own garden-based publishing house.

    Naturally, there would need to be some distraction for those times when inspiration escapes the mind, so a covered, heated swimming pool and well-equipped home gym would also be procured.

    All of this would need to fit within my budget and my belief-system that nothing can succeed without being self-sustainable. LOL

    Hmm... we'd also need a book store and, lest we forget, suitable accommodation for all the livestock.

    Have a look at

    That's my response to your later post hinting of possible despondency. :p

  2. If I won the lottery I would buy a little house in the UK - probably Herefordshire or Cornwall.

    I would also have my own book publishing company and I would also give a large donation to the Salvation Army to distribute to the homeless. Those people are angels on earth.

    I have looked at your site Frugaldom. Archie is really proud of the feature!!

    Many, many thanks.

  3. A nice bungalow with both sea and country views and wide doors and everything level and a big shower room so my wheelchair user wife can enjoy things.
    And a huge kitchen for me to practice my hobbies of cooking, preserving and beer / wine making.

    And just enough coming in to pay our way.

  4. I hope you get you're dream house. I wish I could make my own 'real ale'.


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