Monday, 12 March 2012

Some More Of My Vegetable Growing Musings...

"Welcome back to the show that never ends."

Gosh I'm showing my age.  Thought I would start with a Emerson Lake and Palmer track?  I once saw those rock giants at Manchester Apollo.  What a band.  Anybody like classic rock music?

I have been struggling with a bad chest this week.  I think it's the change in the weather and moving lots of farmyard manure around my beloved vegetable patch.  Bad back - bad cough?  Then they (who ever they are?) say it's good for you.  I reckon a few pints and a couple of hot whiskies sat on on a high bar stool would do me far more good.

Any road.  The top picture is my Jack Russell and me working on my little piece of Eden.  She also sits next to me when I'm tapping the computer keys in my study ("Front room").  We even have conversations about ratting and ratting, sleeping and ratting again.  I think Jack Russell's live to rat!

In the second picture.  You can my Japanese onions growing in the bath.  I will plant (sow) some carrots in between the onions in a few weeks time.  You get a good depth of soil and the smell of the alliums (posh word for onions) is said to deter the old onion fly.  Also I am told ( not my dog this time) that old Mr and Mrs onion fly don't fly above thirty centimetres (that's twelve inches in old gas meters) and they leave your onions alone.

In my book (did I tell you about my booky wook?), my baling string guru: Archie Sparrow.  Keeps coal in his bath.  Dear old Archie Sparrow.  He's on Amazon if you want to have a look at a rather silly and daft smallholder.

You will also notice a corrugated sheet and some old wool carpet (nylon carpets are full of chemicals and flame retardants) covering my proposed swede bed.  I also use cardboard boxes to mulch covered in fym.  Anybody remember Jasper Carrotts': Dave the cardboard box sketch?  What's your favourite Jasper Carrott tale?  Mine's the 'Nutter on the Bus:

"Eek as anybody seen my camel?"

See you next week.

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