Friday, 1 November 2013

Country Pancakes In The Water Feeders. (More Fascinating Tales From A Smallholding In Wild Southwest Ireland!)

I went over to the cattle this morning and gave them their yellow meal and beef nuts.  'Archie' the British Friesian bullock was roaring at me.  'Archie' is one of those characters who lets you know he's around.  I piked him some silage and he still roared.

'Archie' having a good drink of clean water.

He looked OK but he wouldn't stop roaring.  All the other cattle scoffed contentedly.  'Archie' still roared.  So I climbed over the head feeder and jumped in among the four bullocks.  I decided to check their new automatic water feeder bowls.  These have a little ballcock fitted under the stainless steel bowl.  Every time the cattle drink, it fills up again.  It had filled up again.  Filled up with good old bull shit.  That stuff which we normally hear the politicians speak.  I quickly retrieved a sop of silage from behind the head feeder and proceeded to clean out the drinking bowl.  Perhaps somebody should invent 'Marigold' smallholders gloves?  Perhaps not.

I moved away from the now sparkling clean water and trough.  'Archie' the gormless bullock took a long slurp from the drinker like a brewery dray horse on it's day off, and he lashed out with his hind leg to kick me out of the way.

That's gratitude for you!.  


  1. Maybe Archie knew what he wanted, still a bit ungrateful to kick at you though.
    Looking a fair size, how old are they?
    Next doors chickens (at least 2 of them) seem to have discovered an escape route in our back garden, the grass always looks greener on the other side I suppose. No problem, but they've decided to use the decking as a toilet

    Winter seems to be almost upon us, strong winds all week, cold, and heavy showers. Trees just about devoid of leaves, garden started to take on that forlorn and neglected winter look.

    Raggy cat continues its comfort-loving winter lifestyle, just come in, milk & biccies, and curled up in front of fire even though it isn't on yet.

  2. Hi Cumbrian,

    Archie hasn't complained once since I cleaned out the drinker. He was only telling me he wanted a drink, wasn't he?

    The bullocks will be two in February. May keep them another summer. Will see how hard up we get. Number one son knows where there is a small mechanical digger for sale. I am very tempted. In fact I told the seller to keep hold of her for me. Yet another restoration project and more pictures for the blog.

    Not been able to get on the vegetable plot all week. Far too wet and it's looking very untidy. Strong winds here also. Range kept blowing smoke into kitchen yesterday. Could do with alternative heat source during gales. Supposed to be ice and frost from tonight. Like they say:

    "How do the snow gritters get to work?"

    Terrier lies on tiles over pipes and snores. Thanks!

  3. Me and Archie have much in common; I would drink from a shit-filled cup either!

  4. Yes you have got to check the drinkers are clean. I haven't heard a sound from Archie since I cleaned the drinker. Thanks!

  5. A digger's always a handy machine to have, digging by hand is very heavy work, and a small light one shouldn't do much compacting like some of the big ones.
    And another winter project to while away the hours when you can't get outside.

    Nice morning here, blue sky, sunny, an d a frost on the ground. Sort of November mornings I like, fresh and crisp.

    Raggy cat in early, milk and lamb chop bones (yesterdays dinner) then onto the bed with sleeping Mrs. Asked to go out, abput 9:00 o'clock, so it must be a good day.

  6. I agree Cumbrian, it's great to have projects to keep you going through the long winter hours. There are no street lights for four miles. How I envy people who can go for a walk along a lit lane with a pavement. You have got to make the most of the day light .

    Would also like to get another poly tunnel (last one got wrecked in a gale) or maybe a greenhouse. So I can work the soil on wet days.

    We will use the digger to clean streams and clear away any encroaching brambles or nettles.

    Domino was crying to get in this morning. Must be getting colder.



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