Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Stocking Up For Winter On The Smallholding.

Our fridge runneth over.  
We have started stocking up for winter on our smallholding.  The freezer is full with one of our heifers and the old cart house is full of logs for the Stanley range in the kitchen and for the multi-fuel stove in 'front room'.

That's a picture of the old cart house (now a log store with small door) full of logs.  We bought a massive trailer of tree trunks and chain sawed and split them with the tractor and log splitter.  Then all was safely gathered in.  Do you buy in bulk?  Wish I watching the Ashes test series in Australia.  Are you going to stay up and watch it?


  1. You are going to need some help eating all that meat. I am on my way round to your house Dave. Don't pretend not to be in.

  2. Yes John we have lots of nice beef from one of our cattle, raised on our smallholding. We say:

    "If you won't eat it yourself. You shouldn't be selling it!"

    Thanks John!

  3. Our freezer still has most of our pigs in it
    And they were killed a year ago

  4. Yeah I know what you mean. We gave our dogs the rest of our bacon and pork to make room for our heifer. You can't beat your own produced meat and vegetables John. Also you know what diet they have been fed on and what drugs they have had. It's always good to read that other smallholders enjoy the fat of their land. Thanks for your comment John!

  5. Very organised Dave - we are having a lovely warm sunny spring here - most unusual. Cheers

  6. Every where is thick with frost here. Been watching some of the Ashes cricket in Australia on the television and I am very envious of your weather over in the Southern Hemisphere. Who needs winter? Thanks Carole!


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