Friday, 22 November 2013

Frost And Ice Make The Smallholding Soil So Nice!

Me piking over the plot for next years potatoes.

Picture of my 'Japs' (winter onions), leeks and sprouts and my corrugated sheet around my compost heap.  I love corrugated ('tin') sheeting.  

Me with my Portugal hat on and my body warmer bought from Aldi in Dunmanway.

Not bad for somebody who is 50 next month.  There's life in the old dog yet.  

Even the nettles like my compost heap.  Notice my four prong pike taking a rest?  
Old Jack Frost came round and painted the smallholding last night.  I decided to make use of his help by digging over the veg plot and scattering fym all over the surface.  Years a go I would dig trenches and bury the muck.  Not any more though.  I just let the worms and the anaerobic bacteria and the frost and rain take it down for me.  You can't beat a bit of digging on a cold winters morning can you?  Just keep your back to the undug soil and work away.  Have you started digging over your veg plot yet?  It's much better than watching the test cricket on the old telly, isn't it eh?  Anybody staying up to watch it? Please God let it rain in Australia tonight!

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