Monday, 4 November 2013

What Passing Bells For These Who Die As Cattle?

Today is the 4th of November.  This is the day that the great First World War poet Wilfred Owen died in 1918.  Just a week before 'Armistice' day.  Wilfred Owen wrote the incredible moving poem 'Anthem For Doomed Youth'.

Every hamlet, village, town and city in England, Scotland, Wales and Ireland.  Lost their young men in the poppy fields of Northern France and Belgium.  We must never forget those people who gave their lives and our freedom.  Especially our freedom to write books and blogs. I have always wanted to visit Ors cemetery where Wilfred Owen is interred and the world war battlefields.  Here's the great English actor Kenneth Branagh reciting 'Anthem For Doomed Youth'.

Do you have a favourite war poem?


  1. Thanks John. Wilfred Owen lived down the road from North Wales in Oswestry. You can read more about him on the excellent Wilfred Owen Association website.

  2. Quite humbling to visit the military cemeteries in Northern France and Belgium, they have a unique ambiance. So well set out with military precision and beautifully tended.

  3. I would think it is very humbling to visit the military cemeteries, Cumbrian. There are quite a few battlefield tours companies on the Internet that offer trips to France and Belgium. Will definitely go on one some time. My great uncle fought at the Somme and survived. My late mother said he would never talk about it. Thanks for your comment Cumbrian.

  4. Worth the visit to experience the atmosphere, I've only visited the one at Rouen, quite a big one I believe, it's accessed through a civilian cemetery.
    The records are well-kept and comprehensive, a real memorium to those who fell, some only teenagers.

  5. Just been looking at Rouen, Cumbrian. I have read war memorials in the UK and noticed how young so many of the fallen are. Great writers like J R Tolkien and CS Lewis both had first hand experience of the horrors of the battlefield. Yet incredibly they still believed in God. Then their generation endured another world war in their life time. Two world wars in one century.

    I think the best thing about the EEC is that no longer European countries start world wars and feud against each other. Thanks!


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