Tuesday, 16 June 2015

A Day Out Shopping For A Cordless Grinder And A Visit To A Garden On The Ring Of Kerry.

Monday morning was a quick brew, give Fido her two chocolate biscuits (wages for ratting!) and check the moo cows and set off for Lidl.  We travelled over the tunnel roads from Glengariff to Bonane.  Of course I sang 'Whiskey In The Jar' going through the stone tunnels:

"As I was going over the Cork and Kerry mountains.."

Then we crossed over the bridge and parked up at Lidl.  Number one son had alerted us that they were selling battery grinders from today.  There were only 2 left.  So he bought them both and looked like a cat that had just got the cream.

We decided to go for a ride around the ring of Kerry and visit Kells gardens.  Any excuse for a blog subject hey?

Here are some photographs of our visit on such a beautiful June day.

Stone Buddha.  Appropriate for the peace and tranquility.

A summer house to die for.  I would love such a magnificent construction at my smallholding.  Even if it rains you can sit and read or even have a drink.  Is it that time already?

Carved seat made from a fallen tree.  

A dinosaur tree?

Flipping heck!

Aren't they clever sculptures?

Magical tree fern forest.  Have I told you I love tree ferns?

A Tree person sculpture.  

Enormous Arum lilies.  We have some that use to belong to my grandmother growing in our garden.

Dingle bay.

Communication signposts.

Wonderful Gunnera specimens.  See their reflections in the water?

Magnificent rhododendrons putting on a great floral display.


  1. I woke up this morning with that song going through my head! (Whisky in the Jar) Not sure why that song was being played in my head....but heyho, it made me smile! And what, please, is a 'battery grinder'? Nice to have shared the gardens with you....looks like my sort of place, with no 'tidy' flower beds to be seen, and yes please, you can put me on the list for a duplicate of that summer house!

    1. I love the Thin Lizzy version of the song Vera. I once saw them at Manchester Apollo in the early eighties. The battery angle grinder allows us to cut metal without needing any electricity supply. So it's perfect for taking parts off dead tractors in fields or scrap yards.

      The summer house is amazing. Would love one for shade and when it's raining. Perhaps I should start smoking a pipe.

    2. Our band's version of Whisky in the Jar would never ever reach the standard of Thin Lizzy's mostly because our singer is always out of tune and out of rhythm with the rest of us! As for the battery grinder - I thought that it was something which grinds batteries up! Oh dear!!!!

      And the summerhouse? Pipe plus comfy slipper type shoes plus good book plus a tipple of something plus a chair in which one could doze off if one felt like it!

    3. Your battery grinder invention sounds brilliant. I can get a tenner for a scrap tractor battery.

      Your summerhouse sounds idyllic.

      You should post your band playing on your blog Vera. Especially Whisky In The Jar.

    4. Lester has it in his mind to post some songs up on the blog so that his Dad (living in the UK) can see what we are playing, so perhaps in a few months time.........

    5. Look forward to seeing your band play on your blog Vera. It sounds a great idea!

  2. We use the car as our summer house and often sit in it to read a book or just muse on various things. The sun keeps us warm without having to put the engine on, also it is pointless to have it's convenience and not use the space.

    1. Sounds a very clever solution Heron. Would love to construct a summer house or build a veranda on the back of the house. One like the one in the Waltons would be just perfect. Thanks!

  3. I love those wood carvings, I'm still hoping that the O.H is going to carve a few more for our garden.

  4. Hi Anne. They are good aren't they? Please post a blog of your carvings it would be great to see them. Thanks!

  5. I love the word rhododendron

    1. It is a good word Sol. I love rhododendrons. They put on a spectacular floral display.

  6. Replies
    1. Thanks Texan. I will inform my photographer you like the photos. Must find a walled vegetable garden to visit and blog about. Thanks!

  7. ...As I was going over the far famed Kerry Mountains
    I met with Captain Farrell and his money he was counting
    I first produced me pistol and then produced me rapier
    Said: "Stand and deliver" for he was a bold deceiver.....

    1. That looks like the traditional ballad lyrics, Cumbrian? I usually sing the Thin Lizzy version which sings about: the Cork and Kerry mountains.

      Do you like Irish folk songs? Who do you like? It was always the Clancy Brothers and Dubliners playing in our house. Not live on the record player of course.

  8. Think that's the Dubliners traditional. I know there's a few versions all with the same chorus though?

    Love the Irish folk and country music, used to have a good collection of tapes then CDs, no doubt my charming ex wife enjoyed burning them, she didn't like them much.

    No particular favourite band, I know the tunes better than the artists. Mountains of Mourne, Irish Rover, Fields of Anthery, and a lot I've forgotten.

  9. You can listen to them all for free on You Tube Cumbrian.

    The Fields Of Athenry was only composed in the 1970's and 'Dirty Old Town' is actually about Salford not Dublin. The Dubliners made it famous.

    I like a lot of the ballads. Mizzle weather today. Perfect conditions for potato blight. I might lift some of mine and see if they are ready for the table. Thanks!

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