Monday, 3 September 2012

"Cows Are In The Meadow" (back to weeding on my veg plot)

  Howdy Folks.  

That picture was taken this merry morn (Monday) of my cattle and Bracken the Shetland pony.  Aren't digital camera's amazing?  Remember when you used to drop your film off at Boots the chemists and some helpful assistant would say:

"They'll be back next week."  

Now thanks to technology everything is almost instant.  I went into Argos in Killarney and purchased my digital camera.  The reason I chose the certain model was because:  

"It was red."  

I then proceeded to ask the helpful Argos lady:

"What film does it take?"

Moving swiftly on.  Any way the weather is brilliant at the moment and the cattle and Bracken the Shetland pony are happily grazing and looking at the view down Bantry Bay.  The field in the background was sprayed the other week with MCPA and all the rushes seem to be dead.  Well I have tried to cutting them and sought organic advice yet it's all been to no avail - so I killed them.  I would never use chemicals near the vegetables but I had to do something with the rushes.  You just can't win.  I keep saying that don't I?

Here's a view of my vegetable plot this morning again.  I have cleared the overgrown onion bed (complete with onions -"No?") with my trusty Azada hoe and gave the weeds to the pigs and ducks and forked over the soil and spread a wheelbarrow of farmyard manure over the soil.  

That lad could do with some Grecian 2000.
Me filling a bucket of grass and weeds while my Azada hoe takes a rest.  That one is called: The 'Crocodile".  Chillington tools make them.  I feel like quoting that old Remington razor advert:  

"I was that impressed.  I bought the company."

They  (Azada hoes) are superb for clearing weeds and grassland.  However, you have to supply the elbow grease and back pain.  Why did God put the ground down there?  

Later this week I will hopefully (if I can get them) plant some 'Japs' or Winter onions.  They are brilliant and grow through snow, rain and ice.  They are normally ready to harvest around June, but you can pick them when ever you want.  Go on give them a go folks.  They are really excellent.  

I'll be back later in the week.  See you then.


  1. That's one hell of a landscape picture by Jean, Dave. It really is a beauty.

  2. Thanks Pat. You take some great photographs yourself. I really like your latest one's on your blog: Pat Papertown 2.


  3. Nice to see the boys and girls back outside.

  4. Indeed it is. It won't be long though before they are back in their house and yard.