Thursday, 20 September 2012

Some More Of My Self Supporters Soup (Beef and Vegetable).

We had another go at making soup and bread the other day. It's quite filling  and this is how you make it:

Coarsely chop what ever veg you want.  We used some organic diced beef (it came in a plastic tray and it didn't state the breed, why?) and diced it a bit more.  Then we browned it in a pan in a little cooking oil.

We added the veg (carrot, swede, potato, cabbage and onion) and a tin of tomato purée.  Then we added a pint and a half of beef (OXO) stock.  Cook until meat and veg is tender to taste.  Add salt and pepper.

We didn't blend it this time because Cumbrian said it's better without.  Serve with home made brown soda bread. All the ingredients came from the smallholding except the flour.

Enjoy your meal.


  1. All the ingredients never came from the farm did it? Well they did except for the organic beef. Slap hands. Sorry.

  2. No need to apologise, Dave, once again you've come up trumps. My favourite food of the moment is (dirt cheap) Polish raspberries covered with Greek yoghurt. Unfortunately, summer is waving goodbye, and autumn is upon us.

  3. Thanks Pat for the encouragement. Polish raspberries covered with Greek yoghurt sounds wonderful. Yes autumn is here and it will soon be winter. Thanks for visiting this site Pat.

  4. Looks tasty, especially with a bit of jome baked bread.
    (Hope you like it with lunps, it's just how we prefer it, my approach being the same, just use any root veg you have)

    My lentil's thickened up nicely, just gonna put a loaf in now then it'll be fresh warm when it's about dinner time.

    Sunny this morning, a few white fluffy clouds, slight breeze, getting cold, winter's not far away.
    Raggy cat in early, bit of fat from the shank and fast asleep.

  5. It is very tasty and very filling Cumbrian. You can't beat home grown and home cooked food can you?

    It's an Irish theme today for my blog: Potato and Bacon potato cakes. Will post it later.

    Great to hear you make your own bread.

    Dry at the moment but it doesn't look promising. Grass disappearing very quickly from the fields due to the lack of daylight. Think the cattle will be eating silage next week. Then it's my favourite job 'mucking out' , piking silage and spreading shavings for their bed. Not that they appreciate my efforts. Soon be March or April and their back in the fields.

    Thanks Cumbrian.

  6. Lentil soup went down nicely, really thick, you could stand a spoon up in it, very filling.

    A fresh warm loaf 50/50 wholemeal/white, came out really well. How does it come I put the same stuff in the same machine every time, but some loaves come out better than others?

    Visit to No 2 son this afternoon, I get a slot every Friday (unless there's something more interesting for him to do) at 4:30 for an hour, to see grandson and catch up on the last weeks happenings if any.
    Last week it was the news that police have stopped them using the waste ground near the shore for their motor bikes, there's hundreds of people use the informal track from kids to full-sized scramblers, it's a few acres of inustrial wasteland they can't seem to decide what to do with for the last 40 years, and all of a sudden they're told they can't use it any more.
    Then the kicker, they can use a controlled track, £20 a session at pre-determined times. Who's getting their palms greased?

  7. Glad to hear your Lentil soup went down nicely Cumbrian? There is nothing like the smell of fresh bread, ground coffee and some home-made soup.



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