Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Northsider's One Hundredth Post. Lots of Smallholding Pictures.

 Well folks today is my one hundredth blog post.  The great thing about writing a blog is you publish on the internet what you are interested in.  My main interest is living on a smallholding and vegetable plots.  I also spend hours writing manuscripts and waiting for a publisher to say they will print my work.  I have been published once so why not again?   At the moment I have a manuscript sent to a book publisher and I am starting to get the jitters and wonder if they will reply and say they like it..  In the mean time it's back to writing my blog .  Here's some pictures from the last 100 blogs.  Thanks for reading it.

 Dunno what happened here.  The picture above is where I sit and sup homebrew and Theakstons and watch the bay.  The weather is fabulous at the moment.


  1. A brilliant collection of pictures, Dave. Your hard graft and the missus' camerawork, you can't beat it. Love the shot of the spuds at the end, did you direct this one, Dave?

  2. Indeed Pat I did direct the still life shots.. I entitled it: Solanum Tuberosum (that's Potatoes) in a silver bowl, next to Pisum Sativum (Peas) in a vessel. Do you think the Tate Gallery in London will commission my work?

    Seriously. Thanks for visiting my blog Pat.

  3. Thanks Cumbrian. I will tell the chief photographer.


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