Saturday, 1 November 2014

A Wet Day And A CookedBreakfast In Bed For The Smallholders Wife.

I woke up this morning at five.  Couldn't sleep and it was raining cats and dogs outside Northsider Towers.  So I got up and turned on the computer and checked me emails and the blogs.  Heron had put a comment about the people from Somerset eating snails.  So I replied and started looking for an E card for the wife's birthday.

The trouble with these amazingly free cards. Is that you have to play them out loud to see if you like them.  So I picked this funny cartoon about this cat using the toilet to wash its hair.  All of sudden the cat starts screaming and meowing and screaming and meowing again.  Next minute the light goes on in the hall and the wife storms into the room and screams:

"What's all the bloody noise about at half passed five in the morning?"

I didn't have the heart to explain I was sending her an E birthday card.  I just turned off the computer and crawled back into bed.  I got up again and quickly made her a 'cooked' breakfast.  Well it wasn't actually cooked.  The black coffe was 'real' coffee 'cooked' in the cafetiere and I woke her and said:

"Happy birthday.  I have made you a cooked breakfast."

What's wrong with a cup of black coffee and a chocolate Wagon Wheel for your birthday breakfast?

You can't say romance is dead, can you?  Is it me or have Wagon Wheels got smaller?


  1. Not wishing to sound like a fuddy duddy. Wagon Wheels they are not and are no where near the size I used to buy as a lad. What purports to be wagon wheels is a dinky toy version.

  2. Oh it is Mrs H's birthday today ! Wasn't it fantastic that nearly all of Ireland came out and paraded for her !

  3. I agree Heron a lot of famous food and drink products don't seem to be the same size and taste the same any more. I wonder if they change the ingredients too?

  4. I take it you are talking about all the people protesting about the Irish water charges. What do you think about the new charges for mains water? I wish people also protested for rural public transport and jobs and other important issues.

  5. The water charges are another government scam.

    What needs to be done is to fix all of the leaks in the water mains and purify some of the water sources. That would be the sensible approach to the Irish water problems.

    The majority of the voters have a passive - aggressive approach to politics and only consider protesting as a final act defiance.

  6. Wagon Wheels have definitely got smaller, along with Penguins, Mars bars and Twirls
    And the tins of Roses for Christmas are only just enough to feed me, let alone the whole family. :-).

    1. Hi Deb. I was going to talk about Mars bars being smaller. Me and my brother use to fight over what colour of Penguin we had. There was world war three f I didn't get a blue or a red penguin.

      Thanks for making me smile!

  7. I think Ireland needs a lot of money to pay for the leaks and replace so much of its ancient infrastructure. Even improve roads and railway networks. Don't think the EEC will fund this and Ireland is such a small population these days. They government think the only way is to tax the people for clean water.

    We live on a smallholding and a few years a go we had to pay four thousand to have a new well bored. We could (might have) have applied for a grant. But was told we would have to wait at least six months. Couldn't wait that long. So our local Credit Union loaned us the money. Wish we had been on mains water and only been paying a few hundred Euros a year. Rural dwellers don't seem to get any services.

    I don't disagree with you. I am not sure what other way there is to pay for a modern Ireland with new infrastructure. Especially when the EEC is putting so much pressure on Ireland to clean up its water supplies, rivers and beaches... Perhaps it might even provide some much needed rural jobs replacing the ancient infrastructure?

  8. In 1997 2% was added to Vat and 5% to road tax to pay for water charges and maintenance, so people have already paid this charge for the past seventeen years, what happened to all the money that they raised this way? As for creating new jobs I very much doubt it, our local town has just had all the old infrastructure pipe work renewed, the company doing this work is Northern Irish, so no local jobs there. Once all leaks and repairs have been done ( remember this is Ireland so will probably not get done) all that would be required would be a handful of workers to maintain the system throughout the company. The only long term jobs will be the 'management team' good wages plus bonuses if they do their jobs or not.
    This was a deal agreed by government and the Troika to fund the bale out although people have been paying for their water indirectly for seventeen years.

  9. Good points, Anne. I think a small population will never pay for a modern Ireland. Wish there was an Irish tunnel linking England and Wales to Ireland. The population would increase and there would be probably more opportunities. Saying that Dublin seems to be booming and rural Ireland is in the doldrums. Thanks!

  10. Birthday wishes, and yes wagon wheels have shrunk, its official!

  11. Hi Bedford Gypsy. Hope you're well? It is terrible the sad demise of the wagon wheel. Perhaps we should form a wagon wheel preservation society? I am joking. Thanks!


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