Tuesday, 11 November 2014

Three Meanings For November The Eleventh.

Firstly today is Armistice Day.  It's the day that marked the end of the great war: 1914-1918.  It was the war to end all wars.  Sadly this was not true.  Even today wars are being fought.  It's a day to reflect and thank those people who gave their lives for freedom.

Secondly:  Today is Martin Mass.  This is the saint day of St Martin of Tours.  Traditionally animals were slaughtered on this day.  I suppose mainly because they wouldn't have the hay and feeding for the long Winter a head.   In Ireland no wheels were to be turned on this day, because St Martin was killed by a wheel when he fell into a river.

Thirdly:  It's 'Number one' son's 18th birthday today.  I honestly don't know where the time goes.  I remember watching the television the night he was born in the hospital while my wife was giving birth.  Five minutes after he was born.  I rang my mother and greeted her with:

"Hello grandma!"

She was over the moon.

My mother always vowed that she would live long enough to be the first one to buy him a pint on his 18Th birthday.  Sadly, she died nearly three years ago.  We'll raise a glass and toast our missing loved one's tonight.  Let's all raise a glass tonight for those who gave us our freedom.

I found it cathartic writing this post.
Here's a song by the great and much missed Sandy Denny:  "Who Knows Where The Time Goes?"

The lyrics say it all.

Do you like Sandy Denny?


  1. Hi Dave, I only just read this post. Nice one. How old is son no. 2?
    I was a Sandy Denny fan.

    Sometimes it is cathartic to write about things like this, and your mum, I know.
    Sorry I was late reading it.

  2. Hi Rachel. Number 2 son is 13. I love Sandy Denny. I'm having a sixties week this week. 'Waterloo Sunset': The Kinks is my favourite tune of the week.

    Totally agree with you. A writer/ blogger should write about what ever they want. It's their blog and their unique voice. I like how you write and paint. It was cathartic to write about my mum. I read somewhere recently that you never get over a loss, especially your mother. I found it helpful to know that. Thanks especially for commenting on this post.


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