Monday, 3 November 2014

The Green Shoots Of Recovery On The Smallholding. "Well I don't know. I saw some grass growing through the pavements today."

I made some Cotoneaster cuttings about a month a go.  We just cut made a few dozen cuttings.  Dipped half of the cuttings in hormone powder and stuck them into the soil in one of the raised beds in the old vegetable plot.  I decided to check them this morning to see if they had got roots.  Guess what?  The one's which didn't get the rooting powder treatment have roots too?  Isn't mother nature brilliant?

Time for a song.  One of my rock albums is 'Songs From The Woods' by Jethro Tull.  Not the seed drill inventor - the band.  I have seen them four times.  One of my favourite tracks on the album is 'Jack In The Green'.  It's about the spirit in the woods that makes green life.  It's really talking about Spring.  It's good to know that Spring isn't too far away.  Last night seemed to last for ever.  Anybody got any hibernation tips?

Jack In The Green.


  1. Wooly socks, hot water bottle, candles & some good books to read - usually gets me through Dave.

  2. Blimey ! Wooly Socks is it ?
    and there was me thinking you had one of the cats in bed with us - all these years an I never knew.

  3. I don't Winter, Jane. Supposed to be snow in December. This means frozen pipes, no salt on the rural roads and much hardship for rural dwellers and their livestock. In 2010 we were stuck at home for 7 days because they didn't clear the snow or grit the roads.

    No chance of reading at night in our house. Two teenagers make sure of that. Thanks!

    1. Know what you mean Dave - I too live in rural Ireland & well remember 2010 when it reached minus 18 here, no salt on roads etc. The only way to cope is to try to enjoy it as much as possible & to see the positives.
      Either that or you go to live in a town : (
      Then again maybe - maybe I'm just a glass half full person.

    2. Hi Jane. I think it's appalling that they don't use council salt gritters on rural roads. If an house caught fire or you needed an ambulance, they wouldn't get through to you.

      It's also bad when the water pipes freeze and we can't give cattle a drink.

      Wouldn't mind living nearer to a town or a city with some infrastructure and a social life. I am just counting the weeks until it gets lighter again. I am an half empty glass person. Good on you for being positive and optimistic, Jane.

  4. The cat and the terrier are reluctant to leave the house at night now it's getting colder, Heron. They seem to be doing their job though. They left me half a mouse and a dead rat yesterday. It's always me who gets the job of disposing of their victims. Thanks!


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