Monday, 3 November 2014

In Memory Of A Great Poet.

Today is the 4th of November.  It's the day that the great First World War poet Wilfred Owen was killed.  Just a week before the Armistice on the 11th.  I have been interested in Wilfred Owen  since I was at school.  We once went to his home town of Oswestry and visited his memorial and a tourist lady told us where his house was.  Plas Wilmot is a grand old house and I felt honoured to have found the place where one of my poetry heroes grew up.

'What Passing Bells' - a BBC drama is being shown every night on BBC1, this week.  The title is taken from Wilfred Owen's poem: Anthem For Doomed Youth'.  Last night showed the outbreak of the First World War and two young lads (one German, one English) joining up.   They believed the war would be over by Christmas and it would be the war to end all wars.  The characters are just ordinary lads who believe they are doing their bit for their country.

Anthem For Doomed Youth.


  1. Will watch out on YouTube for that BBC programme. Someone is bound to post it up sooner or later, and we don't have TV here. I am playing the Last Post and Reveille on my keyboard (it has a handsome trumpet sound) at an English church service next Sunday. It is entirely to be expected that I shall have tears in my eyes when I play them. And then I shall go to the French memorial in our village on the 11th and join in with the local villagers remembering their fallen. Am just going to post up a search on YT to see if that programme is posted up yet.

  2. Hi Vera. I am sure it will be very emotional for you playing at the church service. I find it so difficult to comprehend that there were 9 million casualties in the First World War. I am sure the villages will admire you for remembering their fallen. I know every town and village in England lost people in the Great War. They fought for our freedom and we should remember them. Thanks for your comment, Vera.


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