Friday, 16 November 2012

1970's Saturday Night Telly, A Chippy Supper And Swearing At Me Dad's Posh Relatives.

I was thinking the other night.  What ever happened to 'Seaside Special' and 'The Grumbleweeds Show' on  Saturday nights?  They were really fun programmes, when I was growing up in the 1970's.  Me mum and dad would get dressed up and go to the pub with his posh cousin and her fianc'ee Ken.  After an hour or so it would be Starsky and Hutch (cue theme tune) or:

"Who loves you baby?"


Then I would try to keep my eyes open waiting for Jimmy Hill and 'Match Of The Day.'  Very often they would make you wait an hour for United ("Glory, glory Man United") to come on and very often I would be fast asleep on the armchair in 'front room'.   I often fell to sleep thinking of  'spud pie, chips and beans', that my dear  mother (R.I.P) would bring back for me from the chippy around corner from where we lived.

Any road.  One night, me mum and dad and his cousin and her fiancée came back from the pub and chippy to find me fast asleep on the armchair.  My mum apparently started saying to my dad:

"Wake him up Jim.  His chips will be cold."

My dad's posh cousin's fiancée then decided to shake my arm and attempted to wake me up from my slumber, no doubt dreaming of 'Wonder Woman'.  My dad said:

"I wouldn't do that Ken.

 I don't think that's a good idea waking him up."


Ken replied.

"I have had lots of experience in my time dealing with children."

He attempted to shake my arm again and said:

"Come on Davy boy.  Wake up?"

Why had he suddenly got an Irish accent?  There was no rousing me from my deep sleep.  So Ken shook me furiously.  I suddenly woke up, imitating a leprechaun with a Poteen induced hangover.  One didn't know where I was.  So I started shouting at the top of my voice:

"P*ss off.  P*ss off.  Leave me alone."

Posh relations did not seem very impressed at all.  They never called at our house for a chippy supper again!

Talking of chipoyles.  Here's Capstick Come Home by Tony Capstick and the Carlton Main/ Frickley Colliery.  It got to number 2 in the charts.   Tony Capstick was brilliant and he's very sadly missed.

See you on Sunday folks.



  1. When was the song in the charts, Dave?

  2. Hi Pat,

    I think Capstick Comes Home was in the charts in 1981 Pat? Back in the days when any kind of eclectic music could make it to the top. When groups like the Wurzels ("I am a cider drinker") could share the charts with Led Zeppelin or Thin Lizzy (I had to mention them of course)and Terry Wogan singing 'The Floral Dance.'

    Thanks for your comment. Much appreciated.

  3. Some people have told me that Jimmy Hill has now (seriously) gone senile. Is this true, Dave?

  4. I have no idea about that Pat. 'Match of The Day' was a great programme with an excellent theme tune, calling everybody to the 'front room'.

    What was your favourite seventies television programme Pat? Let me guess: 'The Old Grey Whistle Test?


  5. Amazes me that they didn't boil up their flat caps for soup, or eat the whippet!

  6. Flat cap soup? Then they say English food is boring. I bet the motorway was cobbled and everything was in black and white.

    Brilliant Mr Mangan. Thank-you for your comment.

  7. Sorry for spelling your name wrong Mr Magnon. I bought these reading glasses for one pound fifty and you can tell.

  8. The Old Grey Whistle Test was brilliant, Dave, I remember Patti Smith and Cheap Trick playing live on there, in particular (you can find these on Youtube).

    You mention that you were dreaming of 'Wonder Woman' back then, Dave, but who are you dreaming about nowadays: Marina from Marina and the Diamonds or Diamanda Galas?

  9. 'Rock Goes To College' was brilliant too Pat. Remember 'April Wine playing it? I thought thought Annie Nightingale and Bob Harris were brilliant presenters on 'The Old Grey Whistle Test.'

    Believe it or not it's Britney Spears who presses the buttons for me Pat. Not very rock chick but she's from the Southern States of North America. Diamanda Galas frightens me. What about you Pat?


  10. If it's okay, I'll leave Diamanda to you, Dave.

    I agree about 'Rock Goes To College', on Youtube, there's April Wine and (I think) Robin Trower from the 'Rock Goes To College' series.

    Last night, I was having a look at some of the new Magnum stuff on Youtube, and it's quite good.

    However, the highlight of my music/Youtube surfing last night was listening to the new Swans stuff. If you've got time, have a listen to the 32-minute 'The Seer', the title track off the new Swans album, it's simply gorgeous. Swans are on in Warsaw in March, and I wasn't going to go as the last time they were disappointing, but the new album has made me change my mind (it's less loud, more transcendental - it'd go down great with your Jeddah gin, Dave).

  11. Hi Pat. 'The Tube' was very good too.

    I love Magnum. Probably one of the best heavy rock bands to come from England. Will look at the new stuff tonight - thanks!

    Will give a listen to the Swans also Pat. Tried the first batch of Jeddah gin (small glass) the other day. There's 'nowt wrong' with it and it's strong.



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