Monday, 26 November 2012

The Rain In Ireland Falls Mainly On My Smallholding.

Apologies to Sir George Bernard Shaw for the title.  Yes we know he didn't write 'My Fair Lady.  However he did write Pygmalion and he used to come to Glengarriff for his holidays.  Him and Virginia Wolfe used to stay at the Eccles Hotel, but not in the same room or at the same time I may add.

Any road. Saturday night was a really strange night.  I went out to the car about seven in the evening and all it's windows were completely frozen.  Old Jack Frost had been painting everywhere.  I watched  X Factor (what ever happened to 'Tales From The Unexpected') and had a few scoops and retired for the night.  Three O'clock in the morning (this is starting to sound like a song) and it starts to piss it down.  Yes you heard that right folks.  If I said it rained, it would not express or xplain the deluge that fell on our little smallholding.  Pray dear reader (readers even) how can it suddenly warm up and the heavens open?  It's just not possible is it?  Perhaps there is some truth in this 'Global Warming' business?

A rather splendid sunset taken from our little smallholding  on the shores (fields even) of  Bantry Bay.  My dear old grandmother Elizabeth used to say:

"The view won't feed you."

She was right!
So it's Wellington boots foot attire, for the foreseeable future.  I am even thinking our feet are becoming webbed like our ducks.  What else?  Oh yeah.  I told you how we had a load of straw bales delivered didn't I?  Well.  I was standing on top of them in the barn today, piking some straw  through a hole in the wall (think I have been in a pub called the 'Hole In the Wall' in Hebden Bridge?) and I noticed that Fido our beloved Jack Russell terrier and tripe hound had kindly left me an half chewed rat.  Guess who got the job of disposing of it?  I think my dog is partial to a midnight 'rat' snack!  Flipping heck.  Don't think I'll be using any rat poison if she's making 'Rattus Norvegicus' butties for her supper.

Where was I? (In the barn piking straw).  Yeah that's right.  Here's a use for your old Wellington boots.  I have even seen them used for gate hinges.

"Welly Bob' Knife Holder.  Must get it patented.  "This time next year we will be millionaires."

Here's a Billy Connolly song for you.  It's very topical.

That's a funny one for you folks!  See you later.


  1. now I love that wellie holder.... I will make my own version..... to hold my diet coke cans!

  2. Looks like our sunset last night, it was cold but not quite freezing; rained through night but not at the minute, it doesn't look far away though, grsy damp and miserable.

    Raggy cat back on Chesterfield throne, a bit miffed last night, it had to be thrown out, wasn't impressed, it was raining.

  3. Hi John. Yeah I was always looking for the knife to cut string and netting and silage plastic. Now I can find it immediately, especially when it's blowing a gale. The only mistake I made was not to drill some holes in it to let the rainwater drain.

    Thanks for your comment.

  4. Yes we have some incredible sunsets here in Southern Ireland. When I was young I used to think the sunsets where Heaven. How is that for a vivid imagination?

    Very cold this morning. Going to 'knock up'(northern colloqualism) a shanty for Bracken today because it's supposed to freeze tonight. We have plenty of pallets and corrugated iron. So it shouldn't take long. I have read that the Shetland can stay out all Winter because they are such an hardy breed.

    I have heard there is snow expected for the first of December. Time to stock up on provisions, me thinks.

    Poor old Raggy Cat.


  5. I'm now thinking of all the uses to which I could put old gumboots. Up to now it's just been galoshes, but I see a whole new range ahead.

  6. Hi Cro, Yes I have seen them used for gate hinges, plant pots, hanging baskets and my knife holder. We also used one last year for repairing a plastic water pipe from the well. It was Sunday and nowhere was open (always the case) and one of us punctured it with a pick-axe. No problem. We just just cut a 2 inch square of 'rubber boot' and placed it over the puncture and fastened it tight with a jubilee clip and screwdriver. Glad to report it's still not leaking. Moral of the story: Don't throw nothing away. One man's trash is another man's treasure!

    Thanks for popping over Cro!

  7. Poor old Raggy cat?
    Mrs let it back in after I'd gone to bed.
    Hedonistic little sod it's getting to be.

  8. When are you going to get round to doing the post on Fido and Waggles, Dave.

    You and Fido go up to visit Waggles (Fido's mother) on a neighbouring farm, each day, don't you?

    Good to hear that Fido left you half of the rat, Dave, does she still like cottage cheese?

  9. Hi Cumbrian, The Jack Russell terrier is the same. Once she lies on top of the tiles on top of the hot water pipes near the range in the kitchen there is no moving her. Think they are taking over, don't you?


  10. Hi Pat, I don't see Waggles much - she's very old. Yeah she misses you giving her cottage cheese and rubbing her belly with the brush. She insists on her ratting wages - two chocolate biscuits a day. Fido is currently sleeping next to the range.


  11. Yeah, I guess Waggles doesn't want too much mithering, Dave.

  12. 'Mithering.' Another fantastic English northern colloquialism Pat. Think it's about time we all started preserving our native dialects.

    Have you had any snow yet? It's getting cold here.



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